The Tekken series is among the most popular fighting games out there. On par with Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, and Mortal Combat, it’s kept gamers beating the virtual tar out of one another for years. Now, Namco Bandai is bringing the game to mobile as a card battle game.

It’s an interesting concept, although purists may not like it. It’s officially called Tekken Card Tournament and it’s much like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. You pick a set number of characters out of an inventory and then do battle turn-based style.

This, admittedly, sounded pretty boring at first. However, Namco Bandai have taken steps to ensure the game remains fast paced. This includes the standard match timer that will help make matches faster and force gamers to make decisions quickly. So no 15 minute battles here like some other card games.

An interesting concept is that unlike other card-based games, Namco Bandai will give gamers a choice to buy Tekken card booster packs. Upon receiving the pack, players can scan their cards into their inventory and expand their choices. As Droid Gamer’s AndrewH points out, you can use this system to play the game via the mobile app or physically with the cards.

When will Tekken Card Tournament be available?

Pocket Gamer predicts that it’ll be released in a few weeks. Presumably, it’ll be headed to both Android and iOS. No word on whether the app will be free or not. Given that they’re already charging for booster packs, it’s likely that it’ll be free.

So what is everyone’s take on this? Is a Tekken card game really what people want or does this have potential to catch on with mobile gamers? Tell us your thoughts.