Intel processor

The NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset has had some trouble catching on. While the Tegra 4 is snappy, OEMs are favoring the likes of Qualcomm, or making their own chipsets. Intel also looms on the horizon, and recent benchmarking shows their new 22nm chips are primed to keep pace with the Tegra 4.

In Geekbench testing, the Intel Baytrail T chips (byt_t) were nearly identical to the Tegra 4 in single and multi-core scoring. Both ran a variant of Android 4.2 — 4.2.2 for the Intel chip, 4.2.1 for NVIDIA — and similar amounts of memory.┬áThe Baytrail T was clocked at an impressive 2.39GHz, whereas the Tegra 4 was checked at a respectable 1.9GHz.

Perhaps the real turning point was multi-core floating point operation, where the Intel chip simply blew the Tegra 4 away. When it came to single-core operation, the Tegra took the edge, but only slightly. The Baytrail chip also outclassed the Tegra 4 in memory processing.

With Qualcomm letting loose the Snapdragon, and Intel announcing Baytrail alongside a slew of new Chromebooks today, Tegra 4 implementation seems highly unlikely at this point. NVIDIA may have the Shield and Tegra Tab to showcase their wares, but other OEMs are simply looking elsewhere.

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