tegra 4

If you’re an avid Android gamer then you’ll no doubt be following Nvidia’s new Tegra 4 very closely. Today Nvidia published a brand new video showing off some of the capabilities of its new powerhouse chip, comparing some of the Tegra specific graphical features available in Zombie Driver. Take a look.

There are clear improvements to the lighting and shadows, but I do wonder whether Nvidia has purposely turned the settings down on the non-Tegra portions of the video, as the game looks ridiculous low quality without the Tegra enhancements. But then again we did see some of the first Tegra 4 benchmarks this morning, which absolutely blitzed the competition. Hilariously the Tegra 4 thumped Qualcomm’s S4 Pro after all that trash talking a few weeks ago, I told you that Nvidia wouldn’t take those comments lightly.

Sadly Tegra 4 devices won’t be appearing for a few more months yet, but even so this is a good sign for Android gaming. Bring on Project Shield.