It’s looking, as each day draws closer to November, that NVIDIA is getting closer to formally outing their Tegra 3 Quad (Quintuple) Core SoC for Android enthusiasts around the globe. Even though, way back in the day, we were told to expect Tegra 3 as early as August, things just didn’t pan out folks.

To make things seem all the more real – we had the CEO of ASUS – Jerry Shin, go on the public record with everyone’s favorite credible Taiwanese rumor factory – Digitimes – and say that they would be pricing the Transformer 2 at $499, and that we could expect it sometime in November.

Asus is rumored to be the first to go to market with a tablet with Tegra 3 on board. There’s huge anticipation and demand for this one, folks. In my conversations with the PR folks of Nvidia, they say that we can expect incredible performance – and Ice Cream Sandwich on board too. According to AndroidandMe, who we are particularly fond of, they believe ASUS is waiting to debut at AsiaD, and we’re inclined to agree with them.

This is a HUGE time for Android folks. Firstly, today, we had the debut of Ice Cream Sandwich, which looks to be insanely fast, and a huge step forward for Android. Secondarily, today we had the debut of the most hotly anticipated Android phone in the world – the Galaxy Nexus We know that both the Father of Android, Andy Rubin, and ASUS CEO Johny Shin will be appearing at AsiaD, and we know that ICS has been designed from the ground up to unify both Android and tablet platforms, so it’s entirely possible that we could see the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet released their too.

Benchmarks of Tegra 3 vs Tegra 2

Crazy rumor time: remember those 3 dots on the side of the Galaxy Nexus? We know they are designed to be used as a “dock connector”, but the question remains – docking to what? Please, please, please be a tablet. Please!

Any thoughts on this? Are you waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich and Quad (Quintuple) core tablet love?

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