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Team Kang releases first Android 4.2 Milestone build, official AOKPush app to celebrate

Team Kang has decided it is time to release AOKP Milestone 1 (based on Android 4.2.2) for all the devices that are officially supported.
April 17, 2013

Team Kang has really been on a roll lately. After completely rebasing AOKP on Android 4.2.x it has proceeded to release 6 official builds, each adding supported devices, new features and bug fixes. Now, the team has decided it is time to release Milestone 1 for all the devices that are officially supported. As always, the Milestone builds do not add too many new features from the previous build. Instead, the team focuses on bug fixes to make the user experience as smooth and stable as possible.

Moreover, Team Kang is also leaving behind the old build schedule, where it used to release official builds once every 2 or 3 weeks, after human testing. From this point onwards, it will truly be moving to “nightlies” rather than “builds”. These nightlies will be built by the bot every 4 days, and the resultant builds will be available for download without any human testing in the interim. To round up the changes in the build timeline, Milestone builds will now be released at a minimum of once a month, and less frequently if the team deems the current state of the code not to be worthy of the Milestone tag.

On another note, AOKP has now been officially installed over a million times on devices. To celebrate this achievement, Gergely Szell (@sethyx) has released AOKPush, an easy way to stay up to date on Team Kang news and official builds. There are 4 feeds you can subscribe to: the Milestone, Nightly, Test and Fun feed. While the first three will mostly be about AOKP released, the latter will be about general news updates from the team.

The app is available now, costs $1.31 and is a great way to show the team how much you appreciate its hard work. Also, if you are eager to get your hands on some unicorn goodness but your devices is not officially supported, head over to the XDA Forums – someone over there is bound to be building AOKP unofficially for your phone, especially if it has been released in the past couple of years. To check out the full blog post by the team or the AOKPush app, head over to our source links.