Taylor Swift has finally made peace with Spotify as well as other streaming services. The singer’s management team has announced on Twitter that her music is making its way back to “all streaming services”. This means that in addition to Spotify, you’re now able to listen to Taylor Swift’s songs on Tidal and Amazon Music as well.

Spotify is the biggest music streaming service in the world with more than 50 million subscribers and another 50 million free users. Back in 2014, Taylor Swift removed her catalog from the service based on the fact that Spotify allows people to listen to her music without paying for it.

It looks like the beef between the two has now finally ended, although we don’t know why exactly. Taylor Swift has been losing money by not listing her music on streaming services, which might be a reason for the sudden change of heart. All that matters is that if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you can now once again listen to her music via Spotify or one of its competitors.

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