In order for members of a team to succeed, they need a great amount of teamwork, hard work, perseverance, and effective communication. Sometimes it is hard to keep track and monitor the team’s progress when members are not located in the same place, which could result in either mediocre output or a group accomplishment with a red “F” mark. But, with the Taskmind app running on your mobile device, you can work as a team whenever and wherever you are.

Taskmind is a team collaboration app.  It helps you organize the tasks within the group and lets you appoint tasks to specific members, send out important files, and keeps you in touch with your project’s progress. This app can be your team coach to maximize teamwork and enhance communication within the group.

Opening the app for the first time requires you to access your Taskmind account. If you don’t have one, press the “Register” button to create a free account. After logging in, you will be shown the app’s main homescreen.

On the app’s homescreen, you can find all your Taskmind notifications, contacts, projects, and your personal journals.

To begin adding new entries, press the plus symbol button found at the bottom of the app’s main homescreen. Adding new entries will require you to supply a brief description about the entry, the assigned schedule, the location, specific members, and all other necessary information for your entry. You can also tap your contacts on your homescreen to see what tasks are assigned to them.

The Taskmind app also allows you to approve or deny tasks and projects offered by your contacts. It will also let you track the time, resume or hold an assigned task, and provide feedback about the assigned tasks.

The best part is that you can contact your team members directly from the app’s live text-based messages and notes. You won’t need to compose and send out emails just to update your team, or to wait for a long time for their replies. With Taskmind, you can communicate with your members fast and easy from within the app itself.

Under the assignment screen, you can find the “History and Notes” button. Tapping this button will display a brief history of the conversations shared with the group members. You can also tap these messages to mark them as “unread” so you can check them later.

Aside from chatting with the group, you can also attach and share important files to the team. These features will help your team members stay on track and finish their assigned tasks without any delay.

Download and check out the Taskmind app free from the Android Market.

What team collaboration tools do you use on your Android phone?  How effective are those tools?