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Tasker's new beta receives a makeover

Crafty Apps has released a public beta update for their popular Tasker app. The beta adds numerous bug fixes and a sleek new user interface.
January 23, 2013
tasker beta

Crafty Apps has released a public beta update for their popular Tasker app.

If you’re not familiar with Tasker, it’s an application that performs actions based on user defined parameters, such as a time, date, location or gesture. So for example you can set up a task to turn your Wi-Fi off when you leave home, and have it turn back on when you return. This sort of customization is pretty awesome, providing you have the patience to setup the parameters, which thankfully is quite easy.

The app comes with over 200 preset plug-ins, and lets you create unlimited additional actions for virtually anything you’d need your handset to do.

The new beta release adds a new user interface, which looks a lot sleeker. Navigation and basic functionality hasn’t changed compared with the older version, so experienced users won’t have to worry about learning a new layout. Other than a fancy new look, there are also numerous bug fixes, but apart from that the app works in exactly the same way as it did before.

If you want to test out the new beta, you’ll need to be running Android 4.0 or higher, and have a normal, validated version of Tasker installed on your device if you want to use any presets. Don’t forget that you’ll need to enable the install from Unknown Sources option in your Android settings so that you can load up the apk.

There’s no word yet on when the new release will be hitting the play store. In the meantime you can still purchase the original app from Google Play, or grab the beta for free directly from Tasker.