If you use Tasker, you know how easily the app helps you tweak, customize and automate tasks that gives you extensive control over your Android device, without having to root it. If you ever felt like any of your tweaks or automated tasks deserve to be an app by itself, there is a solution for you now, courtesy of the makers of the Tasker app, Crafty Apps.

The Tasker App Factory, gives you the ability to convert your tasks or projects to standalone apps (APK files) which don’t need to have the original Tasker application to be installed on your device. The easy-to-use app requires minimal requirements such as:

  • app generation from tasks or projects requires less than 10 seconds
  • no programming knowledge or experience required
  • offline functionality
  • once an app is created, Tasker is not required to be kept running

The app you create can also be distributed or sold on the Google Play Store or any other Android app store, as you wish.  Unfortunately, the app is still limited to Tasker beta-testers only, but if you are one, you should definitely check it out.

If you want to get started on creating your own apps using Tasker, you can download the Tasker App Factory from the Google Play Store here. The app website also includes steps to create a “Hello World” application to help you get started. The Tasker App Factory is still in its beta testing phase and you can view the changelog here along with what to expect from the next version.

What are your thoughts? Will you be downloading the Tasker App Factory? If you use Tasker and have used the App Factory, let us know your experience in the comments section below.