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“You’re going to get a glimpse of a small band of pirates trying to do epic shit.”

This is how Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group boss Regina Dugan began her presentation yesterday at Google I/O. As a former head of DARPA, the Pentagon agency in charge with developing advanced technologies for the military, Dugan is supremely qualified to talk about epic technology. Dugan joined Google via Motorola, and through ATAP is leading projects like the Project Ara modular phone and the Project Tango 3D mapping technology.

ATAP’s I/O session from yesterday gave us a peek at both Project Tango and Project Ara, as well as a look at ATAP’s plans to transform visual storytelling by adding interactivity, through Spotlight Series.

The hour-long presentation is entirely worth a watch, but if you’re only interested in certain bits, here’s a breakdown:

  • 0:40 to 4:15 – introduction by Regina Dugan
  • 4:15 to 21:00 – update on Project Tango with project lead Johnny Lee, including info on hardware, software, and a demo of Tango tech in action
  • 23:30 – 38:00 – update on Project Ara with project Paul Eremenko, including the first (failed) public boot up of an Ara phone
  • 38:00 – 59:20 – Spotlight Series presentation, including Duet, a digital story coming in the future to all Android devices