talon for twitter 2.0

Talon For Twitter was updated to version 2.0 today with an incredibly long change log that includes everything from a new widget to a floating compose button and a slew of minor fixes or changes.

The biggest change in how the app actually works is the new floating compose button which appears floating above your Timeline instead of in the action bar. The new location makes it easier to tap the button to compose a tweet, especially on larger phones where your thumb may not easily reach the top of the phone when you’re using just one hand.

The new version of Talon also includes a bar widget which can show you your number of new Tweets, @replies, and DMs on your homescreen. Of course, the Timeline widget is still available for those who prefer to have tweets on their homescreen. The developer also included two new transparent themes for the app’s widgets.

Other changes or improvements include automatic shutdown of Talon Pull to preserve battery when there’s no data connection, the ability to Tweet from multiple accounts in the compose window, the ability to view mentions and favorites in profiles, and picture pages in profiles. There’s simply too many changes or update to list in this substantial update.

Do any of the changes to Talon make you want to use it as your main Twitter client?

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