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Talkside aims to make your Android phone call experience 'smarter'

Talkside is a new caller ID app that is designed to enhance your phone call experience by adding relevant information about the person you are talking to. This includes details such as birthdays, recent SMS history and more.
December 23, 2013

Today’s smartphones are powerful tools that are used for gaming, social activities, web browsing, productivity, general entertainment — oh, and sometimes they are even used as phones. The reality is that most folks spend little time actually calling with their phones these days, instead opting to communicate via texts and social network updates.

For those that still enjoy a nice long telephone conversation from time to time, you’ve probably noticed that the phone dialer on Android isn’t exactly the most exciting place. Sure, the dialer received a fancy update in KitKat, but most folks don’t have the Nexus phones needed to officially take advantage of this. Luckily there are alternatives out there in the Play Store.

One such option is Talkside, a callscreen app that apps to make your calling experience smarter by providing you (arguably) useful information that could enhance your call experience.

Talkside aims to make your calling experience smarter by providing you useful information that could enhance your call experience.

What does this mean exactly? Basically the app talks with Facebook to get the skinny on the folks in your contact list. This includes birthday info, Facebook status updates and photos.

For those that don’t want to mess with Facebook, it’s not required, though obviously you’ll miss out on a few features if you decide not to sync with the social network.

Aside from the Facebook integration, there’s also some other cool features including a list of SMS chat history to help you know what you’ve been talking to this person about. Then there’s “Happening Now”, which gives you information about trending RSS topics that are relevant to you. Finally, there is even a “Hangin’ Out” feature that suggests events going on in the area, in case you are calling a contact in the interest of meeting somewhere.

Talkside isn’t for everyone, but it could still be a useful tools for those that are looking to bring a more modern approach to their standard telephone conversations. To learn more about the free app, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.