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Talk2Phone Desktop SMS: SMS, call notifications, and more from phone to Google Talk

October 25, 2012

Imagine waking up twenty minutes before your shift and rushing to work after chugging some milk and cereal. In your hurry you end up stuffing your things inside your bag before trying to catch the next trip to your workplace.

Unless you have your phone around your neck or if you’re someone tied to Facebook or Twitter, you won’t really remember checking your phone especially when you have three pages worth of e-mails to reply to. You’ll find out later that you’ve had around ten missed calls and twenty-five messages from your boss, colleagues, partner, mother, and your landlord.

All those messages may have saved you from booking a meeting room for a huddle that’s been canceled, ordering pizza for a bonus that’s been delayed, and sending flowers to your partner who sent you the infamous “Let’s break up” message a few minutes after you’ve boarded your bus.

Mobile Notifications presents a very handy app for all you busy-bodies out there. The Talk2Phone Desktop SMS app is a great add-on for people who are tied to their PC more often than they are to their phones. Talk2Phone allows you to receive SMS and call notifications through Google Talk or Gmail chat.

Talk2Phone is easy to use. Once you’ve launched the app, it’ll ask you to add an e-mail address so that the app can register your phone’s active Gmail account. If you have more than one Google account registered on your phone, you can switch accounts easily by clicking on “Choose another account.” The app’s account,, will send you an add request over Gmail chat and you can start getting notifications from Talk2Phone from there.

What makes Talk2Phone Desktop SMS a must-have for PC-glued hands is its nifty features. You don’t have to search for your phone to read a recently received text message. You can even send SMS from your chat window.

Also, if you’ve forgotten to change your phone’s profile setting from last night, missing calls from your client or boss won’t be a problem. Your chat window will inform you that you have a missed call.

If you’re lounging around your apartment and you can’t find seem to find your phone, you can check if you left your phone somewhere by typing in the “/locate” command on your chat window with mobilenotificationsapp. This command will let you know where your phone was last detected.

Want to play a prank on your colleague? Leave your phone on his or her desk and chat with mobilenotificationsapp. Type in “/say” before you type in your message. Your phone will say whatever it is you wrote after the chat command. Just make sure that you use words that won’t get you in trouble.

The Talk2Phone Desktop SMS app is free. The other great thing about this app is that you don’t have to see banner ads because you directly use your chat client. I’ve only seen two drawbacks for this app so far.

First, and the only real drawback really, is that you’d need a Gmail account to take advantage of this app’s features. Second, like every free app, Talk2Phone Desktop SMS has limited chat commands. If you want more commands like initiating calls from your chat-box or playing a ringtone to look for your misplaced phone, you can purchase Talk2Phone Pro Desktop SMS for about a dollar. If you’re contented with just creeping your friends out with the app’s robotic voice then this app is great for you this Halloween.

Free your hands to work on other tasks at your computer. Try Talk2Phone Desktop SMS from the Google Play Store today.