The Asus Transformer is turning out to be one of the best selling Android tablets of 2011 – and for good reason. Great display, great battery life, very easy to modify, customize and root, and most importantly a great price.

People in the tech community waited a long time for this one folks, and the experience for those that own one has been very positive – across the board. It’s a highly functional device that’s both lightweight and rugged, and at the same time portable and useful. Plus, whenever you want to disengage from productive mode, voila, unclick it from the keyboard dock, and plunk yourself down in your recliner to do some pretend work a la netflix.

Still, that hasn’t stopped one man. 32GB’s of memory not enough? Ok, how about 64GB? Nope, still not satisfied? Well, why don’t you go and buy one of those Archo’s tablets with a 250GB hard drive on board? No, you don’t want to? Alright, well to get to the point, a very talented modder, goodintentions, on XDA, has managed to fit a 500GB hard drive into his Asus Transformer, all while keeping all of the batteries, and all of the functionality intact. As he so aptly puts it:

“So, I’ve added a 500 gb hard drive to the dock while keeping the battery. 

That’s right, all batteries, all parts are still there! The only difference is I’ve rearranged all the inner crap around to make the 500 gb fit. Asus, if you’re reading this, take notes  Anyway, here are the pictures. Remember that all I’ve removed are some plastic pieces that serve no other purpose than to keep things in place. All electronic parts are still there. It’s like trying to work out a piece of puzzle. Well, I’ve finally found a combination that works! Well, here are some pictures. Now, I have a laptop-tablet hybrid with a 500 gb hard drive and 16 hours of battery life!”

And so there you have it folks – it is possible. If you are interested in performing this particularly interesting mod, then check out the instructions on XDA for how to do it. It’s no easy task though, but clearly, it is possible! He’s not exactly forthcoming about how to do it, but it’s worth a look if you’re the slightest bit curious.

Via XDA Forums

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