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Taking Notes with Antipaper Notes on Your Android Tablet

Antipaper Notes is a handwriting app for Android tablets that feature a great set of document editing and formatting tools.
December 5, 2011

If you happen to use your Android tablet computer for something productive and not just watching streaming movies, then a handwriting application is practically a must-have utility. Such programs allow you to take down notes with just a stylus or the tip of your finger. In terms of simply writing out words, typing may be a much faster process. However on a typical word processor application, you can’t easily make quick illustrations and other marks like directional arrows or circles.

Antipaper Notes is a good example of this kind of app as it features some really handy document editing and formatting tools. The following are a few quick tips for using this handwriting app.

Manage your notebooks.

Right after you launch the app, the main screen displays all the notebooks you’ve created in a tile view. This will of course be blank for the first use. Tapping the New notebook icon creates a new document. When you press and hold on the icon of an existing notebook, a pop-up menu appears that gives you options for renaming, sending it via email, or deleting it.

Take handwritten notes.

As you would normally expect of a document creation program, this app has a top toolbar that shows all the editing and formatting tools you’ll need. One of these is the zoom feature which takes advantage of a tablet’s display size and allows you to maximize the space for each note page. The zoom window has navigation keys on all four sides to make moving around easier. Alternatively you can tap the Protect button to lock the window.

The Pages icon on the toolbar is for organizing the pages in a notebook. This particular screen also displays the sequential pages in a tile view. Here you can add or restore previously deleted pages. Long pressing a page gives you a pop-up menu with choices for creating a duplicate, removing the page, or changing its order in the sequence.

To get that additional simulation as if you were actually writing with paper and pen, the toolbar also has options for changing the paper pattern and pen style. Tap the Menu icon and then select “Choose paper pattern” found on the Notebook box. There are three pen styles to choose from on the toolbar: regular, highlighter, and eraser. The last one is convenient for wiping out minor errors or making corrections. Of course there are options also for changing the regular pen and highlighter color.

Save or send your notes.

When you’re all done, tap the Menu icon again and from there you can choose “Close and safe.”  On the Export/Share box, there are again options for emailing what you’ve written or creating a backup file.

One of the limitations of the current version of Antipaper is that it can only send a page in the .jpg and .png formats. Hopefully future developments will showcase options for exporting notebooks and pages into widespread document formats like PDF. Take note that the free version has some reduced features. Getting the pro upgrade for $5.46 will get you the whole set of tools.