If you’re looking forward to CES 2012, you should not miss COMPUTEX TAIPEI too! It will be happening on the second day of the much anticipated consumer electronics event of the year. This year, you can witness as TAITRA joins Taiwan ICT giants including GIGABYTE, Acer, and ASUS in presenting ‘Taiwan ICT International Press Conference & New Product Launch.’ The event will act as a media brief as well as trade on their new marketing strategies, branding concepts and latest products they will be introducing this year.

Apart from the press conference, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two largest ICT events on both sides of the world: CES and COMPUTEX TAIPEI will also be taking place. Many believe that this partnership will serve as a smooth entry for the companies under Taiwan ICT into the American market.

Other than showcasing different Taiwanese exhibits, selected winners from the recent COMPUTEX TAIPEI D&I awards (Design & Innovation Awards) will be featured. These winners were chosen according on a set of specific criteria including design quality, safety, degree of innovation, artistry and utility. The winners were:

  • Acer ICONIA, notebook from Acer Inc.
  • Slide, iPad stand from Just Mobile Ltd.
  • DVX5F9, 3D Digital Video Camera from DXG Technology Corp.
  • Capar, Flat panel from Vlaar Int’l Taiwan Ltd.
  • New AVerPen, interactive pen from AVerMedia Info Inc.

This is the second stop of the D&I awards winners following their World Design Expo visit. They will also be making a visit at other major ICT tradeshows such as CeBIT (Hannover), IFA (Berlin), and GITEX (Dubai).


Catch Taiwan ICT at CES 2012! Their schedule is below:

Jan. 11, 2012: Taiwan ICT International Press Conference & New Product Launch

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM at Rm. S227, South Hall Connector, Las Vegas Convention Center


COMPUTEX TAIPEI D&I awards Roadshow around the World

Venue: Booth No. 21631, Ground Level, LVCC South Hall 1


Participants of the conference have a chance to win a free tablet. For more information, visit ComputexTaipei website.

Taipei, Taiwan 1. Jan, 2012: On January 11, the second day of CES, TAITRA joins such Taiwan ICT giants as Acer, ASUS and GIGABYTE to present the “TAIWAN ICT Int’l Press Conference & New Product Launch” to brief the media and trade on their branding concepts, marketing strategy and latest products which beckon a fresh wave of hi tech innovation.

And with the press conference comes the signing of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between COMPUTEX TAIPEI and CES, which are two leading ICT events at either side of the Pacific. It is believed that the COMPUTEX TAIPEI-CES partnership will greatly promote the shows, the trade and the industry. And more significantly, smooth the way for the entry of Taiwan ICT companies into the American CE market.

“Making IT Happen!” is more than a jingle at COMPUTEX TAIPEI. It’s a principle, a policy and general command. Each summer ICT gets redefined at the Taipei event, and as it warms up for 2012, key Taiwan all-stars are reaching across the Pacific to sell the hottest IT breakthroughs to the folks at CES.

Besides the showcases of Taiwan exhibitors, products selected just months ago at the COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation awards (d&i awards), which include top notch Gold Award winners are flying to the United States to dazzle at CES. Aces on display in the product showcase of COMPUTEX TAIPEI d&i awards include:

1) Notebook “Acer ICONIA” from Acer Inc.

2) iPad stand “Slide” from Just Mobile Ltd

3) 3D Digital Video Camera “DVX5F9” from DXG Technology Corp.

4) Flat Panel “Capar” from Vlaar Int’l Taiwan Ltd.

5) Interactive pen “New AVerPen” from AVerMedia Info Inc.

The COMPUTEX TAIPEI d&i awards is independently operated by iF International Forum Design, a Hannover-based institution renowned for its high standards and professional design aesthetics, and the winners were selected based on various criteria such as design quality, degree of innovation, safety, utility and artistry.

The winning products of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2011 d&i awards kicked off the first leg of their world tour by being featured at the World Design Expo. And this year destiny has brought the Expo to choose Taiwan for its’ first-ever appearance in Asia. TheCES display of d&i awards is the second stop in a massive effort by TAITRA, the COMPUTEX TAIPEI organizer, to carry the Taiwan message of excellence and innovation to the world. Whistle stops include major ICT tradeshows like CeBIT in Hannover, IFA in Berlin and GITEX in Dubai.

Discover the power and beauty of Taiwan ICT at CES:

■ TAIWAN ICT Int’l Press Conference & New Product Launch

Date: January 11, 2012 Time: 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Venue: Rm. S227, South Hall Connector, Las Vegas Convention Center

■ COMPUTEX TAIPEI d&i awards roadshow around the world

Venue: Booth No. 21631, Ground Level, LVCC South Hall 1

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*Refreshments served during Conference.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI unfolds June 5 to 9 at NANGANG Exhibition Hall, TWTC Exhibition Hall 1, 3 and Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). It profiles the latest in ICT by spotlighting such themes as tablet PCs, Ultrabooks, Smart Phones, 3D technology and cloud computing. This is the place where IT all begins!

For more details, click: www.ComputexTaipei.com.tw


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