Samsung is in trouble with the FTC once again. It seems that the Taiwanese Federal Trade Commission has now slapped the company with a small fine due to a misleading advertisement.

To be honest, the sum charged was pretty paltry at just NT$300,000, which converts over to around $10,400. This is basically pocket change to the company, especially when compared to past fines that the company has been charged with by the Federal Trade Commission.

So what caused the fine in the first place? It had to do with an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102, which promoted the phone as having automatic focus and flash functions. Looking at the photo, it’s pretty clear that it doesn’t have either of these.

While most of us can easily tell that this ad was just a mistake, it is certainly possible that someone less tech-savvy might read the claims and buy the phone thinking it extra features that it really doesn’t possess.

These kinds of small fees really seem to do very little in reality, and certainly does nothing for the customer that made a bad purchase because they were misled. What do you think, should the fine have been for more or do you feel that such a tiny mistake isn’t even worth a fine at all?

Andrew Grush
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