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Who is BBK, the world's third largest phone manufacturer?

by Robert Triggs 2 days ago0 comments

Why I am put off by the Pixel 2 XL display, but you might not be

by Nirave Gondhia 2 days ago0 comments

What's keeping Xiaomi from the US?

by Adam Doud 5 days ago0 comments

The Galaxy Note 8 is a curious smartphone

by Nirave Gondhia 3 days ago0 comments
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Samsung 4G WiMAX Android smartphone headed to Clearwire (and maybe Sprint)

As part of its first quarter 2010 earnings report, Clearwire announced that it will offer a 4G WiMAX Android smartphone from Samsung before the end of the year.  This also means we ...
by Michael OrylMay 5, 2010

Sprint announces the HTC EVO 4G

The HTC Supersonic has been made official and the handset really lives up to its codename. Now officially dubbed the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, the world’s first Android-powered WiMAX ...
by Kelly HodgkinsMarch 23, 2010154

HTC Supersonic spotted on video

The HTC Supersonic is rumored to be Android’s first WiMAX handset and is expected to debut in the first half of 2010 with Sprint. While we wait for the Supersonic to get the ...
by Kelly HodgkinsMarch 9, 2010142

HTC leaking misleading info on purpose?

Something fishy is going on at HTC that leds some of us to believe that bad information is being leaked on purpose.  Perhaps HTC is getting tired of all their phones being leaked ...
by Chuck ZichJanuary 23, 2010164

Rumor: HTC Supersonic to launch on Sprint with 4G support

Engadget has gotten an exclusive tip from a “trusted” source revealing the codename and details of what could possibly be the first 4G Android device to hit the market.  ...
by Chuck ZichJanuary 18, 2010162

Clear to launch a 4G smartphone powered by Android?

Clear’s CEO Bill Morrow re-affirmed his company’s goal of launching a dual mode WiMAX handset in the second half of 2010. Morrow declined to say which platform and ...
by Susan ElleryJanuary 14, 2010173

Samsung to release 4G/WiMax device on Sprint next year, maybe?

Sprint <3 Samsung <3 Android A few days back at the 4G World Conference in Chicago, PCWorld’s Mark Sullivan had a chance to liaise with wireless ...
by James TromansSeptember 21, 20091478

HTC Hero and Samsung WiMAX Android phone heading to Sprint?

File this one squarely under rumors, for now, but is reporting that a Sprint source has told it that Sprint is currently testing a CDMA version of the HTC Hero that was ...
by Michael OrylJune 26, 20091492

Tatung to build Android phone – possibly with WiMAX

This little nugget from DigiTimes doesn’t seem to be based on pure rumor and speculation – for once.  DigiTimes is quoting Tatung’s chairman, Weishan Lin, as saying ...
by Michael OrylApril 27, 2009152
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