OnePlus 7 Pro review

Google Pixel 3a review: The phone made for everyone

Justin Duino May 18, 2019 303 shares

The OnePlus 7 Pro is now on sale! Here’s where to buy it

Hadlee Simons May 17, 2019 182 shares

OnePlus 7 Pro review: Bigger and brighter, but is it better?

David Imel May 17, 2019 580 shares

OnePlus 6/6T redux: Are they still worth it?

Ryan-Thomas Shaw 14 hours ago 905 shares
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10 best education apps for Android! (Updated 2019)

Mobile technology is a great way to get stuff done and that includes furthering one's education. Here are the best education apps for Android!
Joe HindyApril 3, 2019640 shares

Want to make games? These are your top 4 Black Friday deals

Stop letting your game ideas rust in the basement of your mind! Equip yourself with the skills you need with these early Black Friday offers.
AA PicksNovember 23, 2016167 shares

How to spend 1/10th as much time in email land

If you feel like you're spending far too much of your finite time on planet Earth reading and responding to email, then this might be the solution for you.
AA PicksNovember 17, 2016226 shares

Massive November Udemy sale (Update: Last Day!)

Udemy is currently running a site-wide sale that knocks all of their courses down to $19, even if they would normally cost $200. Offer ends November 15.
AA PicksNovember 14, 2016116 shares

Want to make $100k per year using machine learning?

Tl;dr: Modern companies would be totally blind without them.
AA PicksNovember 11, 2016342 shares

Arrested for hacking the FBI, they called him a hero

Armed with only Google Maps and McDonald's wi-fi, this man wiretapped the federal government and now he wants to teach others to do the same.
AA PicksNovember 10, 20161625 shares

Why program apps for Android XOR iOS when you can do both at once?

With React Native skills under your belt, you can build apps for Android and iOS with maximum overlap. Here's the way to learn how to do it.
AA PicksNovember 9, 2016747 shares

Escape the grind: make money building websites

People the world over are paying rent and buying food by developing websites and never having to deal with office politics. But how do you join their ranks?
AA PicksNovember 8, 2016147 shares

Learn Unreal Engine by making games

If you've ever wanted to bring your artistic vision to life in the video game medium, then this might be your opportunity. You'll have to act fast, though.
AA PicksNovember 2, 2016169 shares

Why not put some of that tech-savviness to use and become a web developer?

You might think that learning how to build websites is an expensive and difficult process... And normally, you would be right.
AA PicksNovember 2, 2016339 shares
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