Inside Google's massive Android rebrand!

Inside Google’s massive Android rebrand

David Imel 2 hours ago 118 shares

No more sweets: Google ditches desserts for Android Q in favor of Android 10

John Callaham 2 hours ago 1371 shares

The removal of Android treat names makes me sad, not gonna lie

C. Scott Brown 2 hours ago 222 shares

I spent a week in China with Huawei. Here’s what I learned.

Eric Zeman August 20, 2019 588 shares
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Friday Debate: Apple Watch, Galaxy S6, and One M9

For this week's Friday Debate podcast we discuss Apple Watch, as well as the Galaxy S6 and One M9. Have a listen, and be sure to vote for your favorite new handset in the poll!
Andrew GrushApril 12, 2015400 shares

Chrome OS | The Friday Debate Podcast 011

And to round out our double feature for today, we have the team back again for a round of Chrome OS talk. This past week (on April Fool’s Day, no less) we got a number ...
Joshua VergaraApril 4, 2015461 shares

Sci-Fi Today | The Friday Debate Podcast 010

Technical difficulties kept the Friday Debate Podcast from releasing last week, but after a lot of fiddling around with the audio, we’re bringing you a DOUBLE FEATURE ...
Joshua VergaraApril 4, 2015360 shares

Could Chrome OS ever become a dominant force in the PC industry?

For this week's Friday Debate, we discuss Chromebook's potential for mainstream success, and what Google needs to do to make it appeal to even more users.
Andrew GrushApril 3, 20151810 shares

What Sci-Fi tech are you most looking forward to seeing in the years to come?

For this week's Friday Debate, we discuss what “sci-fi” technology we’re most excited to see evolve and how it might be applied to Android, and/or mobile devices, in the future.
Andrew GrushMarch 27, 2015928 shares

Specs vs Experience | The Friday Debate Podcast 009

  The flagship reviews and some technical difficulties kept the Friday Debate Podcast from releasing on time – but to be fair, we recorded this on Friday so ...
Joshua VergaraMarch 23, 2015279 shares

User experience or raw power: what’s more important?

For this Friday Debate we ask what's more important: user experience or raw power? What about design? Is it too much to ask for the best of both worlds?
Andrew GrushMarch 20, 2015867 shares

Tech Origin Stories | The Friday Debate Podcast 008

Andrew Grush picks a pretty light topic for our first podcast back from MWC 2015 – our tech origin stories. Josh is joined by the usual co-hosts to talk about how they ...
Joshua VergaraMarch 14, 2015237 shares

Tech origin Story: what first got you into tech, how have your interests evolved?

This Friday Debate we are doing things a bit differently, with the team and community discussing our tech origin stories -- what first drew us to tech, how our interests in tech have ...
Andrew GrushMarch 13, 2015509 shares

Favorites of MWC 2015 | The Friday Debate Podcast 007

MWC was incredibly busy but the guys got together to talk about their favorite things from the show. Youtube reviewer Lanh Nguyen joins Josh with the co-founder and ...
Joshua VergaraMarch 9, 2015216 shares
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