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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola Razr: An easy choice

David Imel 17 hours ago 153 shares

24 hours with the Galaxy Z Flip: Surprised by how much I like it

Eric Zeman February 15, 2020 1198 shares

Samsung Galaxy S20 hands-on: Out-featuring the competition

Eric Zeman February 11, 2020 780 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: OK cool, but isn’t this a boring use of foldable tech?

Oliver Cragg February 16, 2020 1509 shares
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Survey: 83 percent of consumers do not plan to buy a new tablet this year

A recent survey finds that only 17 percent of existing tablet owners plan to upgrade in the next 12 months. Why is that and what are they buying instead?
Jonathan FeistNovember 5, 20151245 shares

Samsung beats Apple in consumer satisfaction smartphone study

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index looked at 70,000 consumers and concluded that Samsung had a slightly higher approval rating than its rival Apple.
Matthew BensonDecember 31, 20143393 shares

Are you addicted to your phone? Just how far does the addiction go?

A new survey highlights how addicted most of us are to our phones. So how addicted are you? Check out the survey and join in our own in-house poll.
Andrew GrushJuly 1, 2014441 shares

BlackBerry phones least likely to be bought, Raymond James survey says

A Raymond James survey indicates that many customers say they wouldn't never buy a BlackBerry, a finding that is reflected in the current market share..
Bogdan BeleApril 11, 2013294 shares

Android leads markets worldwide, Nexus 4 boosts LG’s UK market share

The latest Kantar report focuses on smartphone sales by operating system in the UK, as well as other important global markets. Much to our delight, the survey shows Android has the ...
AdrianApril 2, 2013301 shares

Samsung leads Apple in smartphone customer loyalty, Amazon number one in tablets

What can be more refreshing on a boring grim Wednesday morning than hearing about a report that once again confirms Apple’s diamond kingdom is being torn up piece by piece by Android? ...
AdrianFebruary 6, 20131769 shares

Over 50% of U.S. consumers want a tablet this holiday season

A survey of over 20,000 people brought back a rather staggering result - over half of the people surveyed will buy a tablet by Christmas.
Joshua VergaraNovember 26, 2012196 shares

Android is now hotter than iOS, especially among younger generations

In the heat of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, a judge in one of the international court cases ruled that Samsung's Android products were not as cool as the Apple iPad, and hence the ...
J. Angelo RacomaOctober 29, 2012558 shares

Survey says people don’t want to switch mobile phone platforms

A company called CouponCodes4u recently surveyed 2,371 smartphone carrying Americans between 18 and 35 years old and asked them whether or not they'd consider switching to Nokia's new ...
ŠtefanSeptember 12, 201246 shares

Nielsen: Android continues to grow in the U.S., teenage smartphone ownership on the rise also

You can always count on Nielsen to come up with the most interesting tech-related reports, and its latest such study is no exception to that rule. After seeing Android comfortably ...
AdrianSeptember 11, 201295 shares
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