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2 articles

International Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note 2 LTE now getting Android 4.1.2 update

The three-month old Galaxy Note 2 has been Samsung’s first device to run Android 4.1, so it was only natural to expect it to be the first to get 4.2 as well. And while that’s still in ...
by AdrianDecember 11, 20126

Verizon Galaxy Note 2 bootloader unlocked successful, but still a work in process

Verizon has recently started to sell its own Galaxy Note 2 version, complete with that annoying Verizon-branded Home button that’s likely responsible for the phablet’s launch.
by Chris SmithDecember 10, 20123

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 available for $149 on Amazon Wireless

If you are looking for a new smartphone on Sprint and all these minuscule under-5 inch screens just aren't doing it for you, watch out. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available ...
by Tanay SoodDecember 9, 20124

Google Wallet working (unofficially) on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is selling like hotcakes, and Google Wallet continues to gain ground as a leader in the mobile payment space. Sadly, you can't use both together. Luckily for ...
by Kristofer WoukDecember 7, 20122

Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 (on Jelly Bean) carrier unlock method in the wild

In case you happen to own one of Samsung’s 2012 flagship smartphone, either the Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy Note 2, you’ll be happy to hear that you can unlock them from the shackles of ...
by Chris SmithDecember 7, 201235

Android: Now and then (Dec 2011 to Dec 2012)

It's been a good year for Android. Join us as we cast an eye back to December 2011 and reminisce about how far Android has come in the last 12 months. From ICS to Jelly Bean, from ...
by Simon HillDecember 7, 201215

Huawei upcoming device will dwarf the Note 2, promises exec

A Huawei executive has revealed that his company is currently working on a new device that will take on Samsung's Galaxy Note 2. He revealed that the device will feature a "giant" ...
by Varun RajDecember 5, 201215

Galaxy Note 2 LTE Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update gets leaked

The Galaxy Note 2 was recently launched with Jelly Bean running under the hood, but that doesn’t mean owners aren’t waiting for a future firmware update that would bring the latest ...
by Chris SmithDecember 3, 20123

Verizon Galaxy Note 2 can now be rooted

The hackers at XDA Developers forums have successfully rooted the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
by Varun RajDecember 3, 20126

Rumors: The Samsung Galaxy S4 is called Project J, a cheaper Note 2 is coming, the Transformer will be copied

Rumors are a dime a dozen, so we want you to take the following article with a few fistfuls of salt. According to SamMobile, which isn't ashamed to call themselves Samsung fanbois, here ...
by ŠtefanDecember 3, 201227
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