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2 articles

Nexus Prime Concept Design That Made Us Drool Like Pavlov’s Dog

If the last “leaked” image of the Nexus Prime didn’t make you giggle, here’s a new set of concept design images that could make you forget your name or the ...
by Elmer MontejoSeptember 14, 201115

Samsung GT-I9250 to Be Called Galaxy Nexus, Not Nexus Prime; to Be as Thin as Galaxy S II

The Samsung GT-I9250 has been a hot item in the news lately, chiefly because it is almost everyone’s primary suspect for the upcoming Google reference phone, the official name ...
by Elmer MontejoSeptember 9, 20113

Nexus Prime Candidate Handset Shows Up on Samsung Support Site

The Samsung GT-I9250, rumored to be the upcoming Google Nexus Prime, was spotted appearing on Samsung’s official support page. A tipster pointed out the page to ...
by Elmer MontejoAugust 31, 20114

More Nexus Prime Details Marching In, Wi-Fi Certification This Time

The infamous Samsung GT-I9250 quietly passed through Wi-Fi-certifying authorities for its seal of approval yesterday. This very same Samsung handset caused quite a stir when details ...
by Elmer MontejoAugust 26, 20116

Google Nexus Prime to Come Out of Samsung’s Phone Mill in October

Korean news site ELECTRONIC TIMES INTERNET (ETNews) reported yesterday that Google’s upcoming Android reference smartphone, called the Nexus Prime, will be unveiled in October ...
by Elmer MontejoAugust 19, 20114

Is Samsung Making the Nexus Prime or Not? Sounds Like a Yes Guised as a No

Samsung Electronics has issued a short statement about the alleged Samsung “roadmap” that could potentially be harboring the Google Nexus Prime (Nexus 3) and the rumored ...
by Elmer MontejoAugust 15, 20111

Android is Top OS, Runs on 16 out of Top 20 Mobile Devices — Millenial Media

Good news for Android! Millenial Media recently released its June report, revealing significant gains of Android in the market (at least in Millenial’s ad network). For the ...
by MinaJuly 18, 20111

Android 2.3.4 Coming Soon to the Nexus Line

Recently, a quick tweet on the official Twitter page for the Google Nexus line announced that Android 2.3.4 is coming. The Android 2.3.4 update will start to roll out over the next ...
by Chit AgustinApril 30, 20111
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