Redmi K20 Pro review!

Redmi K20 Pro review: Is this the best affordable flagship?

Dhruv Bhutani July 23, 2019 320 shares

How to delete yourself from the internet

Scott Adam Gordon 20 hours ago 453 shares

Honor 9X, Honor 9X Pro launched with Kirin 810 and pop-up cameras

Scott Adam Gordon July 23, 2019 294 shares

Asus made a Nintendo Switch and I’m not even mad

David Imel 23 hours ago 516 shares
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Android getting ready to tackle business; Donut (1.6) and Eclair (2.0) out this year

According to Google’s Andy Rubin, the godfather of the Android smartphone OS, Android is going to start picking up features needed to tackle business uses – starting this ...
Michael OrylAugust 3, 2009

Acer to offer Android powered netbooks in Q3, 2009

In a bit of an unexpected turn of events, Acer announced that it will start offering Android based netbooks in Q3 of this year – before it gets Android based smartphones out ...
Michael OrylJune 2, 2009

Dell taking its smartphones to China, possibly bringing Android with them

Reuters is running a story today that quotes two analysts as stating that Dell is going to start selling its own smartphones in mainland China. Supposedly Dell is working with Chi ...
Michael OrylApril 14, 2009

HP considering Google Android OS

According to Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, Hewlett Packard is considering the use of the Android OS for some of its netbooks.  Reuters quotes an HP official as saying that the ...
Michael OrylMarch 31, 2009

Analysts say Android can’t save Motorola

Reuters has posted an interesting piece on whether or not Android can save Motorola from its current woes.  For those living under a rock, Motorola’s cell phone sales have ...
Michael OrylFebruary 3, 2009

Reuters chimes in on Android’s initial market impact

There’s not a lot we don’t already know in this new piece on Android that Reuters just posted, but at least the author seems to have a better grasp on the industry and ...
Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 14, 2008

Rubin hoping for no dud, Reuters firm on September 23rd launch date for HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1

Andy Rubin (Credit: Stephen Shankland/ According to an article published by Reuters today, Google’s Andy Rubin says that Android’s success hinges on ...
Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 12, 2008

Reuters sources claim T-Mobile G1 to launch in September

According to Reuters sources that are “familiar with the matter” (I love that), T-Mobile is set to launch its first Google Android powered smartphone within weeks. The ...
Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 10, 2008
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