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Fossil Hybrid HR review: Beautifully flawed

Jimmy Westenberg November 19, 2019 295 shares

Black Friday 2019: Early deals and a sneak peek at upcoming deals

AA Picks November 11, 2019

Google Stadia review: This is the future of gaming, if you have the data for it

David Imel November 18, 2019 281 shares

Samsung One UI 2.0 beta hands-on

Eric Zeman November 18, 2019 753 shares
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Red cancels Hydrogen project, say goodbye to Hydrogen Two

Company founder Jim Jannard has cited health issues for his retirement and the Hydrogen project's closure.
Hadlee SimonsOctober 25, 2019501 shares

There’s going to be a sequel to one of Android’s most disappointing phones

The Red Hydrogen One was arguably the most disappointing phone of 2018, but Red is now working on a follow-up.
Hadlee SimonsJuly 24, 2019195 shares

Titanium Red Hydrogen One is now shipping if you want a disappointing, pricey phone

The Red Hydrogen One was a disappointing phone, but that isn't stopping the firm from launching the Titanium variant.
Hadlee SimonsApril 9, 2019125 shares

Red releasing pro camera version of Hydrogen One in lieu of add-ons?

Red's CEO has mentioned a pro camera version of the Hydrogen One, but how would it differ from the standard model?
Hadlee SimonsMarch 12, 201978 shares

‘Lithium’ is a pro 3D film rig for the Red Hydrogen One, because why not

This would be a great idea if the phone was done well and people still cared about 3D filmmaking.
C. Scott BrownJanuary 3, 2019666 shares

Red Hydrogen One review: Jack of all trades, master of none

Red has built a reputation around its camera business, but can their reputation follow them to the smartphone market? Probably not.
Edgar CervantesDecember 13, 2018188 shares

AT&T launching Red Hydrogen One this Friday for $1,295 with extras

The world's first holographic smartphone is almost here, but will the hype be justified?
Scott Adam GordonOctober 29, 2018584 shares

Leaked infographic gives us definitive look at Red Hydrogen One specs

The aluminum and titanium versions of the Red Hydrogen One were delayed, but at least the infographic confirms many of the phone's rumored specs.
Williams PelegrinOctober 17, 2018233 shares

Red Hydrogen One: What we know so far (Update: It’s launched)

There are still a few lingering questions regarding Red's Hydrogen One, but the Android Enterprise website holds a few answers.
Tristan RaynerOctober 3, 2018752 shares

Here are some of the first user-shot photos taken with the Red Hydrogen One

The Red Hydrogen One photos as taken by actual users of the device are starting to hit social media. Here is a collection of some of those shots!
C. Scott BrownOctober 1, 2018725 shares
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