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OnePlus 5T initial review: first 72 hours

by David Imel 1 day ago0 comments

7 ways to write better code

by Adam Sinicki 4 hours ago0 comments

Essential VP: “We’ve always thought of building something premium”

by Florence Ion 22 hours ago0 comments

Fitbit Flyer review

by Jimmy Westenberg 24 hours ago0 comments
2 articles

BeNote app review

Ironically, note-taking has evolved from scribbling on paper, to typing on your laptops, to typing on our handheld devices, and coming back full circle to ...
by Ankit BanerjeeJuly 5, 20125

BGR: Microsoft Office coming to Android tablets and iOS devices in November

  Despite the reliance that so many have on Microsoft’s range of productivity applications, the software giant is yet to release an Office app on Android and iOS ...
by Bams SadewoMay 25, 20123

Automatically Running Apps After Rebooting Android Phone

Soft reboots can be quite irritating, most especially if you have tons of apps running in the background. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Google+, Twitter, or Facebook launch ...
by Paul NuñalMarch 15, 20122

Taskmind: Collaboration App for Android

In order for members of a team to succeed, they need a great amount of teamwork, hard work, perseverance, and effective communication. Sometimes it is hard to keep track and ...
by Alvin YbañezMarch 11, 2012

Call Actions Review – Streamline To Do’s After Phone Calls

Many times when you receive calls on our smartphones, you are on the go. This may make it hard to write down an important piece of information you ...
by Brandon SobottaMarch 8, 2012

As Cloud Storage Is Heating Up, Box and Dropbox Give Android Users a Treat

Competition in the cloud storage arena is reaching a boiling point, with all major players announcing new features, more storage, and grand plans for the future. Quick recap: ...
by Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 24, 20127

Google Docs for Android Gets Live Collaborative Editing, Road Warriors Rejoice

Google Docs for Android started off as a rather unimpressive app, with severely limited functionality and no support for offline file editing. But lately, Google has begun to pay ...
by Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 23, 20123

BrailleTouch: The Solution for Eyes-Free Texting

Our friends and family members who are visually impaired now have a way to text us! An app developer under the name of Georgia Tech is in the process of creating an ...
by Christine TorralbaFebruary 21, 20121

SmarTags App Available in Android Market

Today, Sony has announced the availability of its SmarTags app from the Android Market. Unfortunately, the app came a bit too early than its functionality. In order to use ...
by Christine TorralbaFebruary 20, 2012

Air Display Proves Why It’s a Cool App for Wireless Desktop Display Access

The Android Market is now being graced by the presence of an exciting app called the Air Display app. Exclusively for Android tablets, the app enables each user to get access ...
by Christine TorralbaFebruary 18, 2012
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