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Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro hands-on!

by Nirave Gondhia 22 hours ago0 comments

Are you buying the Huawei Mate 10 or Mate 10 Pro? [Poll of the Week]

by Jimmy Westenberg 18 hours ago0 comments

Huawei Mate 10 and 10 Pro announced: Which one is the real flagship?

by Andrew Grush 22 hours ago0 comments

Huawei Mate 10 series specs: Better, faster, stronger

by Jimmy Westenberg 22 hours ago0 comments
8 articles

Pressy is finally starting to ship, estimated arrival in 5-14 days

After numerous delays, Pressy is finally starting to ship! Additionally, the app has now arrived to Google Play, though you'll need an activation code to use it.
by Andrew GrushJune 17, 20145

Pressy: an example of how bad PR can ruin a good idea

After a 'misunderstanding' regarding whether the Pressy app will or won't be on Google Play, Pressy's team has managed to further upset most of its original backers.
by Andrew GrushJune 5, 201420

Can’t wait for Pressy? Free QuickClick app gives you custom volume button actions

Extra buttons? Why not use the ones you already have? On popular crowd-funding platforms today are a couple of interesting smartphone add-on ...
by J. Angelo RacomaMay 18, 201412

Pressy team explains most recent delay, had enough excuses yet?

Once again Pressy has missed another deadline, after weeks of silence they've finally explained why.
by Andrew GrushMay 15, 201418

Pressy will finally start shipping April 28th, redesigned holster in tow

After a bit of delay, Pressy's creators have finally announced the add-on button will start shipping April 28th. The Pressy will also include a redesigned holster.
by Andrew GrushApril 14, 201411

Xiaomi creates its own lower-cost Pressy alternative, dubbed MiKey

Like the idea of the add-on button acccessory 'Pressy', but no so impressed by its asking price? Xiaomi is now preparing its own much cheaper alternative.
by Andrew GrushApril 1, 20148

Pressy soars past its original funding goal with over $500k in pledges, 28 days left to go

Physical buttons? Who wants more of those on their smartphone? Apparently over 22,000 backers, that's who. Pressy has now exceeded its latest stretch goal, passing the $500k mark with ...
by Andrew GrushSeptember 18, 201311

Pressy brings a customizable hardware button to your Android handset

Wish you had a customizable hardware button that could quickly launch important apps and settings? That's exactly what the plug-in Pressy button is all about.
by Andrew GrushAugust 30, 201330
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