Vivo Nex vs Google Pixel 2 camera comparison: Closer than you might think

by Kris Carlon 1 day ago0 comments

Hands-on: The controversial Xiaomi Mi 8 offers incredible value for money

by David Imel 4 days ago0 comments

AA Photo Contest #2: Shows us your best “Pets” photos

by Bogdan Petrovan 4 days ago0 comments

Vivo Nex hands-on: Welcome to the all-screen future

by Kris Carlon 6 days ago0 comments
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What's your favorite smartphone material — glass or metal?
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HTC U12 Plus: Hot or not? (Poll of the Week)

Is the HTC U12 Plus worth paying attention to, or do you think it's overrated?
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Should LG let users remap the G7’s Google Assistant button? (Poll of the Week)

Do you think LG should let users remap the G7 ThinQ's Google Assistant button?
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Pick one: Stereo front-facing speakers or 3.5mm headphone jack? (Poll of the Week)

Would you rather have a phone with a headphone jack and tinny, bottom-firing speakers or a phone with front-facing speakers and no headphone jack?
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Would you pay to use Google services? If so, how much? (Poll of the Week)

What if we lived in a world where Google tried to monetize all its software with a subscription model?
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What will Android P be called? (Poll of the Week)

What do you think Android P will be called? Popsicle, parfait, pancake, or something else?
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or Huawei P20 Pro? (Poll of the Week)

If you had to choose, which would you pick — the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or Huawei P20 Pro?
by Jimmy WestenbergApril 10, 2018
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