Get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

LG V60 review: Stepping forward and sideways at the same time

Eric Zeman March 27, 2020 602 shares

Huawei P40 Pro hands-on: The biggest smartphone camera sensor!

Ryan-Thomas Shaw March 26, 2020 1972 shares

Huawei Mate XS review: Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em

Kris Carlon March 25, 2020 155 shares

All the new Huawei P40 camera technology explained

Robert Triggs March 26, 2020 716 shares
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Are you experiencing any slow internet issues? We sure are. (Poll of the Week)

Have you experienced any internet issues? Wi-Fi, mobile data, or any particular streaming services?
Jimmy WestenbergMarch 24, 2020126 shares

What version of Android are you running? (Poll of the Week)

Are you running Android 10 or something older? Let us know which Android version your phone is running in this week's poll.
Jimmy WestenbergMarch 19, 2020280 shares

How much would you pay for an ‘Ultra’ Wear OS watch? (Poll of the Week)

What if there was a Wear OS watch that had almost no compromises? How much would you spend on it?
C. Scott BrownMarch 12, 2020107 shares

Do you use dark mode on your phone? (Poll of the Week)

I use dark mode for everything, but I know not everyone loves it as much as I do.
Jimmy WestenbergMarch 2, 2020335 shares

How much does phone design matter to you? (Poll of the Week)

When considering a new smartphone, how important are looks to you?
Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 25, 2020133 shares

Are you concerned about foldable phone durability? (Poll of the Week)

Foldables seem to be having some issues right now. Are you concerned?
Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 17, 2020106 shares

Who is your go-to phone case manufacturer? (Poll of the Week)

Whenever I buy a new phone, I find myself looking at the same case makers. What about you?
Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 27, 2020218 shares

Removable batteries: A must-have, or don’t care? (Poll of the Week)

Are you still all-in on removable batteries? Or have you accepted our non-removable fate?
Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 15, 2020282 shares

What was the biggest tech fail of 2019? (Poll of the Week)

What do you think deserves the Biggest Tech Fail of 2019 title?
Jimmy WestenbergDecember 23, 2019125 shares

Which streaming services do you use? (Poll of the Week)

Are you a Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus subscriber? Do you subscribe to multiple streaming services, or just one?
Jimmy WestenbergDecember 3, 201976 shares
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