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Eric Zeman July 18, 2019 81 shares

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Hadlee Simons July 17, 2019 414 shares

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You can be sued simply for uploading an app to Google Play

An app developer is being sued for uploading an app to Google Play because a patent troll claims to own the idea of the Play Store itself.
Kris CarlonJune 9, 2016690 shares

Samsung demands patent law review, thinks the system is “antiquated”

Samsung has filed a petition with the U. S. Supreme Court requesting a review of the patent law system. The last time patent law was addressed by the Supreme Court was in the late 1800s.
Kris CarlonJanuary 19, 2016720 shares

Another patent troll vanquished, you can now rotate your smartphone without paying a license fee

Rackspace didn't capitulate when a patent troll demanded $75,000, instead it decided to fight, and won. Now Rotatable Technologies has been vanquished, it is now an ex-troll. It can no ...
Gary SimsSeptember 23, 2014396 shares

Patent troll claims that a phone with an LCD screen is patented

A patent troll claims that any use of an LCD screen is patented.
William Neilson JrAugust 13, 2014405 shares

Significant number of Rockstar patents to expire in 2017

The report states that beginning in 2017, "there will be a significant increase in [patent] expirations."
William Neilson JrAugust 3, 2014186 shares

Amazon apparently feels that they own the word “Fire”

KomoNews This site has discussed patent trolls a number of times. Now, it is time to give some love to trademark trolls. In the last few months, we have seen a ...
William Neilson JrJuly 24, 2014242 shares

Patent troll strikes again, this time with calendar alerts

As we have discussed previously, patent trolls have been under sharp attack in the last few months due to the general public becoming aware to the danger that trolls have on the ...
William Neilson JrJuly 23, 2014117 shares

Wireless infrastructure could be the next target of a large patent troll

FOSSPatents Intellectual Ventures (IV) is a company that buys old patents and extorts forces productive businesses to pay IV licensing fees. Patent Trolls such as IV account ...
William Neilson JrJuly 18, 2014138 shares

Samsung vs. Apple verdict: Samsung to pay $120 million, Apple $160,000

The courts have ruled on the latest Apple v Samsung case, awarding Apple over $100 million and Samsung $158,400 for various patent infringements.
Sean KarpaMay 3, 2014489 shares

Lobbyists continue to cut down any productive patent reform

Last year, mega patent-troll Intellectual Ventures opened up shop in Washington, D.C., to push their yearly million dollar lobbying effort. Since its founding in 2000, IV is believed to ...
William Neilson JrApril 16, 2014134 shares
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