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Basis health tracking smartwatch developer said to be in acquisition talks with Google, Samsung, among others

Industry sources have heard that Basis, the company behind the Health Tracker Watch, is attempting to sell itself to some of the big names in the mobile business, including Samsung, ...
by Robert TriggsFebruary 17, 20141

Can Nokia or any other company still fork Android successfully?

Can any company still fork Android? Can Nokia create a successful Android device without Google’s apps? How does Google’s stance affect consumers? Join us in the discussion, vote in our ...
by Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 14, 201412

Nokia changes its Facebook and Twitter pages green, Android tease?

Just a few hours ago Nokia changed the color of its Facebook and Twitter pages to green. Are Nokia playing with our minds? What is going on here? Could Nokia be dropping hints about its ...
by Gary SimsFebruary 14, 20148

What if Microsoft made Android smartphones?

We take a look at the recent debate about Microsoft making Android phones and ask whether forking Android and ditching Windows Phone would make sense for the software giant.
by Simon HillFebruary 13, 201416

Google partners with VMWare to bring Windows applications to Chromebooks

Google and virtualization provider VMWare announced a partnership that would allow Chromebooks to run Windows apps via the cloud.
by Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 13, 201412

WSJ: Nokia to launch Android phone at MWC, will run Nokia’s own Android store

WSJ confirms that Nokia is going to release an Android-powered smartphone at the Mobile World Congress later this month, and that the device will not be compatible with Google's apps.
by Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 10, 201430

Analyst reveals that Microsoft earns $1.6 billion a year from Android, five times more than from Windows Phone

Rick Sherlund, an analyst with Nomura, has calculated that Microsoft makes around $5 for each Android unit sold, which netted the company $1.6 billion in 2013.
by Robert TriggsFebruary 10, 201433

What should Microsoft’s new CEO do to make Windows a true competitor to Android?

In this edition of the Friday Debate, we take a look to the other side of the fence towards Microsoft, the company that has put a Windows computer on every desk, but is now struggling ...
by Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 7, 201470

Despite the rumors involving Pichai, Microsoft picks Satya Nadella as new CEO

Despite recent rumors suggesting that Microsoft was targeting Google's Sundar Pichai as a CEO candidate, Microsoft has now formally announced its own Satya Nadella will fulfill the role.
by Andrew GrushFebruary 4, 201417

Microsoft reportedly courting Sundar Pichai as next CEO

A new report claims that Google’s head of Android Sundar Pichai is a favorite candidate for the position of Microsoft CEO. Read on for more info!
by Shawn IngramJanuary 31, 2014104
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