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Best upcoming Android phones of 2020

Team AA January 17, 2020 41757 shares

Forget flagships, mid-range phones are making the biggest technological leaps

Robert Triggs January 19, 2020 719 shares

Who is BBK, the world’s second largest phone manufacturer?

Robert Triggs January 19, 2020 1413 shares

Samsung Galaxy S20 specs: All the rumors and leaks so far

Hadlee Simons January 16, 2020 1154 shares
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What should Microsoft’s new CEO do to make Windows a true competitor to Android?

In this edition of the Friday Debate, we take a look to the other side of the fence towards Microsoft, the company that has put a Windows computer on every desk, but is now struggling ...
Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 7, 2014284 shares

At last we know, Nokia went with Windows Phone because it feared Samsung’s domination of Android

At last we know, Nokia chose Windows Phone over Android because it reckoned that Samsung was likely to dominate the Android market and leave no room for anyone else. Would you buy a ...
Gary SimsJuly 13, 20131108 shares

Android powers 59% of smart mobile devices shipped in Q1, what can Apple and Microsoft do?

Latest figures show that Android was the operating system of choice for over 59% of the smart devices that were shipped during the first three months of this year. What can Apple and ...
Gary SimsMay 10, 2013195 shares

Switch to Windows Phone app released, welcomed with hostility on the Play Store

The Switch to Windows Phone app has made its way onto the Google Play Store. What did Android users make of it?
Bogdan BeleMay 1, 2013103 shares

Funny Windows Phone TV ad targets arguments between Android and iPhone users (video)

A new Windows Phone ad will start showing on TV today and, while it pokes fun at Android users too, it's pretty funny. Check it out and tell us what you think!
Bogdan BeleApril 29, 2013368 shares

SEC filing by Nokia hints at the possibility of a Microsoft Surface phone

A recent SEC filing by Nokia stated the possibility of Microsoft working on its own Surface phone hardware or even giving up on Windows Phone entirely, a move that has left its OEM ...
Ankit BanerjeeMarch 9, 201367 shares

Biggest flops of the year in mobile

Join us as we discuss the epic fails of mobile tech in 2012. These are the devices, platforms, apps and features that promised much and delivered little.
Simon HillDecember 10, 2012190 shares

Microsoft looking for Android malware horror stories

There is no point in trying to ignore it and hope it will go way, but Android does have a malware problem. Of course, Windows has a big malware problem too. So it is ironic that ...
Gary SimsDecember 5, 2012277 shares
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