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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on: Flipping into the future

David Imel February 11, 2020 279 shares

Samsung Galaxy S20 hands-on: Out-featuring the competition

Eric Zeman February 11, 2020 780 shares

MWC 2020 canceled: What happens now

Bogdan Petrovan February 12, 2020 476 shares

Essential to shut down, February update for Essential Phone to be the last

C. Scott Brown February 12, 2020 1499 shares
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Trademark filings could hint at LG’s Micro-LED plans

LG has filed for three Micro-LED brand names in the EU. First sign of what's to come?
Duncan ElderMarch 23, 2018260 shares

Apple is developing its own Micro-LED displays at secret facility in California

Perhaps not the most surprising news, considering that Apple now pays billions for Samsung's OLED panels.
Duncan ElderMarch 19, 20181134 shares

MicroLED explained: The next-gen display technology

MicroLED displays boast a number of benefits over LCD and OLED panels and could eventually replace them. Here's everything you need to know.
Robert TriggsOctober 6, 20171161 shares
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