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Black Friday 2017: more deals start going live!

by AA Picks 14 hours ago11 comments

Essential VP: “We’ve always thought of building something premium”

by Florence Ion 14 hours ago0 comments

OnePlus 5T, Samsung Galaxy S8, or LG G6? [Poll of the Week]

by Jimmy Westenberg 14 hours ago0 comments

Fitbit Flyer review

by Jimmy Westenberg 16 hours ago0 comments
2 articles

Google Maps update brings much needed navigation sharing

Google Maps is receiving an update this evening, the highlight of the show, for those on the go, is the new ability to share directions with others.
by Jonathan FeistJanuary 15, 201517

Alongways – Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Alongways. This navigation app focuses more on the trip than the destination and helps you find stops along the way.
by Joe HindyDecember 22, 20142

Maps.Me Offline Maps – Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Maps.Me Offline Maps. As the name implies, this app lets you download maps for offline use and has other useful features.
by Joe HindyNovember 26, 201411

Forget pins, globetrotters can track their travels with this location history visualizer

Turn your Google location history into an interactive heat map with this location history visualizer web application.
by Robert TriggsOctober 6, 20145

Nokia’s Here maps come to Android, but only to Samsung devices for now

Today Nokia announced that users of Samsung Galaxy devices will soon be able to download the free Here app for Android. The app will become available to other Android devices by the end ...
by Bogdan PetrovanAugust 29, 201433

Google Maps to the Moon and Mars in new Easter Egg

Google does love to surprise us with fun Easter eggs, this time out we head to the Moon, and Mars too via Maps. There is some great imagery here, but Street View and Directions do not ...
by Jonathan FeistAugust 6, 20146

Google Maps now features elevation profiles for cycling routes

“Cycling is the new golf,” according to CNN Money. While biking has long been a combination of leisure activity, sport and a practical means to get around town, ...
by J. Angelo RacomaMay 18, 20143

Google Maps update with new offline maps option pushed out after public backlash

Less than a couple of days after the latest Google Maps update for Android comes yet another software revision, this time to re-add offline maps - somewhat.
by David GonzalesJuly 11, 201325

Heads continue to roll at Apple over Maps fiasco. Why doesn’t Apple just concede to Google Maps?

Apple's Maps application in iOS frankly sucks. Apple seems to be making an effort do do something about it, and the company has reportedly edged out a key executive responsible for Maps ...
by J. Angelo RacomaNovember 28, 201222

Nokia Maps rebranded as Here, coming to Android and iOS

Disappointed by iPhone’s map functionality? Then here comes the respite! Nokia has announced its latest strategy pertaining to its trademark Nokia Maps service by re-branding it as ...
by Varun RajNovember 14, 20122
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