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UK company involved in fake apps scam fined $78,000, told to refund money

Unsuspecting victims of fake versions of Angry Birds, Assassin’s Creed and Cut the Rope, posted on third party Android app stores, will be getting their money back, ...
by Gary SimsMay 25, 20122

Android Malware Genome Project shows that 86% of all malware delivered via repackaging of legitimate apps

The Department of Computer Science at the North Carolina State University has started the Android Malware Genome Project in an attempt to dissect Android based malware and see what ...
by Gary SimsMay 25, 20122

Why you should always upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

It is likely that you have some Adobe software installed on your PC or Mac. It could be Adobe Acrobat Reader, it could be Adobe Air, or it could be Adobe Flash Player. Flash ...
by Gary SimsMay 18, 2012

Number of malicious Android apps grows by 2200% year over year

You might be asking yourself if you read the headline to this post correctly. A 2200% growth in the number of malicious Android apps, can that be right? Unfortunately it is. ...
by Gary SimsMay 16, 201211

ESET releases Mobile Security for Android – but are users ready to pay the $10?

ESET has released a new security product for Android that includes anti-malware protection, SMS/MMS antispam, call blocking, and anti-theft features, to help you locate or block your ...
by Gary SimsMay 7, 20125

Compromised websites used to serve drive-by Android malware

In a new twist in the malware for Android story, the mobile security company Lookout has released details of a new Android malware which automatically starts downloading to ...
by Gary SimsMay 3, 20122

5,000 new malicious Android apps found in first 3 months of 2012

At the end of last year, security pundits predicted that 2012 would see a continued raise in the number of malicious Android apps and it looks ...
by Gary SimsApril 20, 20123

Beware of fake Instagram app that contains malware

Instagram has been in the news a lot recently. It launched on Android only a few weeks ago and enjoyed over 1 million downloads on its first day on Google Play. Then Facebook decided ...
by Gary SimsApril 19, 2012

Google removes 29 data stealing apps from Google Play

In its ongoing battle with malicious app writers, Google has removed 29 apps from Google Play that harvested email addresses and phone numbers and uploaded them to remote command ...
by Gary SimsApril 17, 20123

Beware of new Android malware claiming to be system upgrade

New malware, which targets Android users with the offer of a system upgrade, has been discovered. UpdtBot (Update Bot), as it is known, spreads via SMS messages but is really a ...
by Gary SimsApril 12, 2012
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