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OnePlus 5T hands-on

by David Imel 1 day ago0 comments

Black Friday 2017: T-Mobile buy one, get one free sale starts November 17th

by AA Picks 2 days ago11 comments

OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5: Worth the upgrade?

by Joshua Vergara 1 day ago0 comments

OnePlus 5T is official!

by Williams Pelegrin 1 day ago0 comments
2 articles

Android 4.4’s verified boot has device modders worried

One of the new security features in Android 4.4 KitKat is verified boot which is designed to detect persistent rootkits that can hold onto root privileges and compromise a device's ...
by Gary SimsNovember 6, 201324

Moto X bootloader is locked

For those who were curious, the Moto X comes with a locked bootloader. Not a surprise, as it’s a carrier device right now, but worth noting.
by Nate SwannerAugust 1, 201314

LG Optimus G for AT&T and Sprint get unlocked bootloader, Project FreeGee still in private beta

While some seem to have learned their lesson and are extending a helping hand to the growing independent developer community, others are still stubbornly locking bootloaders and going ...
by AdrianNovember 19, 20125

LG Optimus G will have a locked bootloader after all

Looking forward to the LG Optimus G? If so, we have a bit of potentially bad news for you. An LG representative has now confirmed that the Optimus G will not have an unlocked bootloader.
by Andrew GrushOctober 23, 201213

Verizon locks down another Samsung phones’ bootloader

Surprised? We aren't. The confirmed details are in: Verizon has locked the Galaxy Note 2 bootloader just as it did with the release of the SGS3 on its network. Want to try out a custom ...
by nathanSeptember 19, 20126

Motorola talks unlocking bootloaders; starts with Motorola Photon Q

Motorola Mobility is notorious for locking the bootloaders on a large majority of their devices.  We’ve seen them release device after devices with locked bootloaders ...
by Derek RossJuly 26, 20122

Samsung’s sales page for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Developer Edition is now live

Both Verizon and Samsung are seemingly unwilling to shoulder the blame for the Galaxy S3’s bootloader lockdown on Big Red. But if you’re looking for some incriminating ...
by Bams SadewoJuly 16, 20125

Verizon Galaxy S3 locked bootlocker to be fixed by software update “soon”

It’s no secret anymore that the Verizon Galaxy S3 version, although otherwise similar to other U.S. Galaxy S3 variants, comes with a locked ...
by Chris SmithJuly 15, 20126

Motorola Atrix HD will have a locked and signed bootloader

I don’t think this will surprise anyone at this point, giving Motorola’s recent history with locked bootloaders, but it’s still a big ...
by LucianJuly 11, 20121

Verizon blames Samsung for locked bootloader, Samsung unveils Galaxy S3 Developer Edition in response

As the Internet backlash started building against Verizon for locking the bootloader of its Galaxy S3 model, Big Red tried to get out of it by suggesting it’s actually ...
by LucianJuly 11, 201215
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