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2 articles

LG G2 will arrive on all four major US carriers, says analyst

If analyst Mark C. Newman is to correct, LG is preparing to launch its upcoming LG G2 on all four major U.S. networks. Read on to learn more!
by Andrew GrushJuly 26, 201310

LG to sell G2 in North America and Europe in September, complete rollout by October

When exactly is the LG G2 going to become available for sale? We're here to help make sure the release date gets known at least for Europe and North America.
by David GonzalesJuly 25, 20134

Samsung starts producing 3GB mobile RAM; in time for Galaxy Note 3 and LG G2?

Samsung announced it has started mass-producing 3GB RAM for mobile devices, with the first handsets to use it set to launch in the second half of the year. Read on for more details.
by Chris SmithJuly 25, 20137

LG D801 passes through FCC, looks to be AT&T version of LG G2

The LG D801 has now passed through the FCC, bringing with it AT&T-compatible LTE bands. Could the D801 be the LG G2? It certainly looks like it. Read on to learn more!
by Andrew GrushJuly 24, 20136

Android Authority Q & A – July 24, 2013

This week we answer questions regarding battery life, the Moto X, the LG G2, the Sony Honami, and more!
by Joshua VergaraJuly 24, 201310

G all the things: LG trademarks G Pad, G Glass, G Watch, and more G stuff

LG filed trademark applications for a number of “G” branded products, which may indicate that the company is planning to launch various wearable devices in the future.
by Bogdan PetrovanJuly 23, 201319

LG G2 video confirms August 7th launch date, hints at contextual awareness

If we’re to speculate based on this video, and the “Come see how LG is learning from you on August 7th” tag under the video, it seems as though the LG G2 could have some contextual ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 22, 201311

Optimus, we hardly knew you – LG Optimus G successor officially named ‘G2’

LG has been making more than a few right moves over the past several quarters, despite not making records in terms of sales of their smartphones, either in the U.S. or ...
by Darcy LaCouveeJuly 18, 20138

WSJ: 5.2-inch LG (Optimus) G2 to be unveiled on August 7 in New York

A new Wall Street Journal report adds further credence to the fact that the LG G2 will be announced in New York early next month and that it will indeed feature a 5.2-inch display.
by Chris SmithJuly 17, 20136

Android Authority Q & A – July 17, 2013

This week we're talking about whether or not the Nexus 5 will be a slightly changed LG G2, what exactly HTC Pro certification is, whether the recent Sprint TOS changes can get you out ...
by Kristofer WoukJuly 17, 201310
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