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OnePlus 6T vs Honor View 20: Pushing back against the $1,000 smartphone

by Dhruv Bhutani February 14, 20190 comments

BlackBerry Key2 LE review: For the frugal BlackBerry loyalist

by Williams Pelegrin 11 hours ago0 comments

Opinion: These are my 7 essential smartphone features

by C. Scott Brown February 14, 20190 comments

5 reasons why you absolutely shouldn’t miss MWC this year

by Oliver Cragg February 12, 20190 comments
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LG backtracks on bootloop settlement, slashes cash reimbursement

Making matters worse, LG is only giving claimants one business day to agree to the new terms, or forfeit all claims.
by C. Scott BrownMarch 15, 2018

Lawsuit against AT&T for throttling “unlimited” data will go forward

AT&T neglected to promote that its "unlimited" mobile plan throttled users after 5 GB. Now, a federal court has approved the lawsuit against it to go forward.
by C. Scott BrownFebruary 27, 2018

Lawsuit alleges Project Fi charges customers for Wi-Fi use

A man has filed a lawsuit against Project Fi alleging that he was charged for non-cellular data use, resulting in hefty overage fees.
by C. Scott BrownFebruary 7, 2018

Apple sanctioned in Qualcomm court case for withholding documents

In an interesting occurrence, Apple has been fined for not releasing evidence against Qualcomm to the FTC.
by Logan GarnerDecember 22, 2017

Qualcomm is suing Apple (again), claims it shared software with rival Intel

The legal war between Qualcomm and Apple continues. The chipmaker is now suing Apple for allegedly sharing Qualcomm technology with its market rival, Intel.
by Oliver CraggNovember 3, 2017

Google is facing a possible class action lawsuit over Pixel 2 XL screen issues

Google may need to brace itself as a law firm sizes up a possible class action lawsuit. The target? Those widely-reported Pixel 2 XL screen problems.
by Oliver CraggNovember 2, 2017

Google in hot water over anti-trust laws, this time in South Korea

Well, it looks like Google is under fire from South Korea over whether or not their business practices are inherently anti-competitive.
by John DyeAugust 12, 2016

Samsung takes aim at Huawei with vicious countersuit

Huawei's Mate 8 and Honor phones allegedly violate Samsung patented tech. In addition to damages, Samsung wants the court to block sales of these devices.
by John DyeJuly 22, 2016

European Commission targets Google over further antitrust complaints

With an EU antitrust investigation still underway regarding Android, Google is now under fire for shopping comparisons and AdSense for Search.
by John DyeJuly 14, 2016

Huawei suing T-Mobile over 4G patent infringements

Huawei is suing T-Mobile over patent infringements dating back to 2014, but they aren't asking for any damages in compensation.
by John DyeJuly 6, 2016
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