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AOL re-releases with an emphasis on mobile browser gaming

Now that the market is filled with smartphones and tablets, AOL has given a makeover. It now includes over 5000 free video games that gamers can play from the comfort of their ...
by Joe HindyOctober 9, 2012

Lockitron could mean the end to the house key and all other deadbolt based locks

Lockitron is a two piece system that allows you to lock your doors via your phone. Any phone, doesn't matter if it's dumb or smart. You install the dead bolt piece over your current ...
by Joe HindyOctober 8, 20126

Google Street View coming soon to mobile web version of Google Maps

Google is still actively maintaining the mobile web version of Google Maps. Yes, that's HTML5, and this means it's cross-platform (assuming you have a compatible browser). If you're ...
by J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 26, 2012

PhoneGap Build Service hosted by Adobe launcher, aids developers in creating cross-platform mobile apps

PhoneGap is a build service that is hosted by Adobe. It allows developers to create cross-platform mobile applications. The implication being that developers who create an application ...
by Joe HindySeptember 25, 20121

I’m switching to the iPhone because … (insert your own dubious reason)

Every time a new version of the iPhone hits the market we get a slew of articles from tech writers explaining why they are switching to Apple’s latest wonderphone and leaving the ...
by Simon HillSeptember 24, 2012104

Apsalar sheds some light on regional smartphone market shares, outcomes are rather surprising

Apsalar has released data organizing smartphone market share according to region. iOS is currently dominating the northeast and west coast, while Android is currently dominating the ...
by Brendan LynchSeptember 24, 20124

Augmented reality laser tag app called Hex3 AppTag hits Android and iOS

Remember the good old days of carrying around the big gun and wearing that pseudo armor? Running around in rooms that featured multicolored strobe lights and fog machines? Now, you can ...
by Joe HindySeptember 24, 20123

Could Android be on a downward track?

Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 for tablets, is probably the best attempt Windows 8 has had in mobile. Pair it with iOS 6, and Android is facing its strongest competition yet. Can little ...
by Joe HindySeptember 19, 2012173

Yahoo! employee smartphones: iPhone 5, Android, Windows Phone (anything but BlackBerry)

We earlier wrote a news story that Yahoo! would be overhauling the company's smartphone policy. Among the new CEO Marissa Mayer's strategic shifts when she came onboard as chief ...
by J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 17, 20123

New and improved YouTube app out for iOS now

We reported on the revelation a while back that Apple will not be including a YouTube app in iOS 6, the new version of its mobile platform. YouTube was a default app, although Apple ...
by Simon HillSeptember 12, 20124
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