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More active Android and iOS users in China than in the USA

Traditionally the USA has been the key market for smartphones and tablets. However, new data is showing that as of February 2013, China has more active Android and iOS smartphone and ...
by Gary SimsFebruary 19, 2013

Google Search on tablets to generate $5 billion in 2013, report says

A new report says that Google may generate $5 billion in revenue this year from Google Search and mobile ads on tablets only.
by Chris SmithFebruary 12, 2013

Can other platforms survive without Google services?

As our friendly neighborhood search giant extends its tentacles, drawing together more and more useful functionality, you may well wonder if you can manage without Google. Would a lack ...
by Simon HillFebruary 12, 201316

FuelBand not coming to Android anytime soon, as Nike focuses on iOS and

Nike is not interested at this time to offer a FuelBand Android app, focusing instead on the FuelBand iOS app and
by Chris SmithFebruary 11, 20137

Blackberry has returned. What does that mean for everyone?

As far as competing operating systems are concerned, there’s no reason to worry, that is, if you’re Samsung or Apple. That said, Blackberry’s return into the field should alarm the ...
by RandyFebruary 11, 201312

Android engagement paradox again? Opera says Android ad impressions growing, but more engagement from iOS

Opera's state of mobile advertising report says Android smartphones are on the rise, but iOS devices still lead the pack in terms of engagement and revenue.
by J. Angelo RacomaFebruary 10, 201314

Canalys: Android rules global smartphone market with 69% share, iOS rises to 22%

It’s been a long time since we’ve last had doubts about the dominating platform of the global smartphone market, with Android ruling quite comfortably across the world.
by AdrianFebruary 8, 2013

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean vs Apple iOS 6.1 — Which is the sweeter treat?

iOS versus Android debates have sparked many conversations, arguments, and may even have ended friendships. It is one of those topics we forbid at dinner tables mainly ...
by Alvin YbañezFebruary 6, 201358

Is Apple in trouble?

Does the recent Apple stock tumble indicate something larger? Should investors be concerned, or is this a temporary setback?
by Nate SwannerFebruary 5, 201318

Facebook turns a corner, has more mobile visitors than desktop visitors and why that’s causing them to fail

Facebook has hit a milestone as more people are visiting the site via mobile than their desktop or laptop.
by Joe HindyFebruary 3, 201312
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