Galaxy Note 10 deals!

Xiaomi Mi A3 review: A safe bet

Ryan-Thomas Shaw August 15, 2019 386 shares

Region-exclusive smartphone colors need to stop, please

C. Scott Brown August 14, 2019 454 shares

New dedicated Speed Test G YouTube channel: Speed tests galore!

Gary Sims August 13, 2019 73 shares

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus hands-on

David Imel August 7, 2019 1037 shares
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Report: India, 5G, and 6-inch displays will drive 2019 smartphone sales

The newest IDC projections on smartphone sales from now until 2022 show some good industry growth.
C. Scott BrownMay 31, 2018256 shares

IDC: Smartwatches aren’t dead just yet

According to the International Data Corporation, the overall wearable market will grow 13.4% by 2022, two fifths of which will be smartwatches.
Brian ReighMarch 21, 2018211 shares

Gartner: Samsung and Apple lose ground to Chinese players

Gartner says a trio of Chinese manufacturers accounted for a quarter of global smartphone sales during Q1, similar to what the IDC had stated.
Brian ReighMay 23, 2017708 shares

4G smartphone shipments expected to reach 1.17 billion for 2016

IDC predicts that worldwide smartphone shipments will reach 1.45 billion this year, 1.17 billion of which will be 4G enabled devices.
Brian ReighNovember 29, 2016512 shares

You and I could both be using a used smartphone in 2020

According to the International Data Corporation, we will see significant growth in the market for used and refurbished smartphones in 2020.
Brian ReighNovember 22, 2016319 shares

Lenovo and Xiaomi drop out of the top 5 handset manufacturers

Research from IDC reveals that the global smartphone market has remained mostly flat, but Lenovo and Xiaomi have fallen out of the top 5 manufacturers.
Robert TriggsApril 28, 20161533 shares

Worldwide smartphone shipments up 12 percent YoY

IDC Research states that worldwide smartphone shipments have increased by 11.6 percent, with Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple seeing the largest growth rates.
Robert TriggsJuly 24, 2015617 shares

China’s smartphone market reaching saturation as Apple takes top spot

A new smartphone market share report says that smartphone shipments in China fell 4.3 per cent in the first quarter compared with a year ago.
Gary SimsMay 11, 2015916 shares

Freemium models and in-app ads spur growth in mobile app revenue

According to data collected by IDC and App Annie, freemium and in-app ad supported models are generating the most revenue for mobile app developers.
Robert TriggsApril 6, 2015639 shares

Report shows that 40% under 40 watch TV on their smartphones

The study shows that tablet ownership increased to 50 percent in 2013.
William Neilson JrSeptember 29, 2014305 shares
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