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Smartphone stills are getting so much better, but what about video?

by C. Scott Brown March 23, 20190 comments

Stadia announced at GDC: Google’s attempt to disrupt the gaming industry

by Andrew Grush March 19, 20190 comments

Roku Streaming Stick Plus review

by Gary Sims March 23, 20190 comments

An inside look at Facebook's mobile app development process

by Adam Sinicki March 23, 20190 comments
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When will folding phones become actually affordable?

The foldable smartphone market is hot. It's also expensive. Why? Let's talk yield, production, exclusivity, overblown specs, and then predict the future.
by Tristan RaynerMarch 16, 2019

Pop quiz: Can you name the most exciting phones of 2019?

Look at the images in this quiz and name the smartphones they show. There are four choices available for every question, only one of which is correct.
by Mitja RutnikMarch 16, 2019

Foldable phones have arrived, but are we there yet?

Samsung and Huawei are keen on painting foldable phones as the next evolution of personal computing devices, but are they?
by Abhishek BaxiMarch 11, 2019

Here’s why Galaxy Fold design is better than Mate X, according to Samsung executive

The executive says the Galaxy Fold's design is more durable, but also insists that the design allows for better battery life.
by Hadlee SimonsMarch 7, 2019

This week in Android: MWC 2019 wrap up

MWC 2019 has come to a close, and the trade show left a ton of new phones and other devices in its wake.
by Adam DoudMarch 3, 2019

We asked, you told us: You’d buy the Huawei Mate X over the Samsung Galaxy Fold

If you had to buy a foldable phone right now, most of you would choose Huawei's option.
by Justin DuinoMarch 2, 2019

Best of MWC 2019 Awards: Android Authority’s favorite products from the show

These ten products stood above the rest at MWC 2019.
by Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 28, 2019

Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold: Who did the foldable phone better?

Huawei and Samsung offer starkly different approaches to the foldable phone, but which design is actually better?
by Hadlee SimonsFebruary 27, 2019

A few Mate X musings after finally getting to touch it

Flexible phones are here and they're exciting. I finally got to put my hands on one and the experience generated more questions than it answered.
by Kris CarlonFebruary 27, 2019

Here’s what every 5G phone will cost you

The recently announced 5G phones from Samsung, LG, and Huawei all have one thing in common — a high price tag. Some go for well over $2,000.
by Mitja RutnikFebruary 27, 2019
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