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OnePlus 5T initial review: first 72 hours

by David Imel 3 days ago0 comments
2 articles

HP “Bender” Android phone shows up on benchmarks

Barely a day after HP CEO Meg Whitman hinted in a TV interview that they haven’t given up on their smartphone ambition, up popped a purported HP phone on the benchmark scene, bearing ...
by Bams SadewoSeptember 15, 20122

How likely is an Android phone from HP?

In an interview with Fox Business yesterday, HP CEO Meg Whitman said that "we have to ultimately offer a smartphone." So we know that HP has a smartphone on the way, but the question ...
by Kristofer WoukSeptember 14, 20121

Can we expect Apple to sue HP now?

Does the new Spectre One remind you of anything? Take a look at the brushed aluminum, the keyboard, the trackpad, the form factor. It does look a wee bit like an iMac doesn’t it? Did HP ...
by Simon HillSeptember 11, 20128

How Wireless Charging Works

If you’re like me, you find having to plug in your phone to charge it quite annoying. After all, we now live in a wireless world. What could be more cumbersome than having your phone ...
by Shea HarrisMay 22, 201229

Best Buy to Sell 32-gig HP TouchPads for US$150 on One Condition

HP’s discontinued TouchPad tablet resurfaces once more from its grave as Best Buy is about to sell 32-GB versions for US$150. There’s a catch, though: you need to buy a new ...
by Conan HughesOctober 31, 20112

Touchdroid Breaks Ground, HP TouchPad with Android Now Responds to Ten-finger Input

We saw it coming. We just didn’t expect it to be this quick. The Touchdroid team has now made touchscreen input work on the HP TouchPad with Android running on the ...
by Elmer MontejoSeptember 7, 20117

Why You’d Want to Buy an HP TouchPad When the Next Batch Arrives

To me, it was the ridiculously low fire sale price and the potential for running Android that made the HP TouchPad gain back a heartbeat after its maker pronounced it ...
by Elmer MontejoSeptember 2, 20117

1 Million More HP TouchPad Units Coming Before November

HP has announced its plan to produce one more batch of HP TouchPad tablets, due to reach store shelves before October 31.  Industry sources say HP might produce 500,000 to 1 million ...
by Carl ParkerSeptember 1, 201123

TouchDroid Project Putting Android on HP TouchPad to Go On Despite Hitting Bumps

The TouchDroid project, which was supposed to produce a port of Android that can replace the webOS operating system on the HP TouchPad, is currently going through a bumpy ...
by Carl ParkerAugust 30, 20111

Should Samsung or Google Buy webOS?

According to a report from Digitimes, Samsung is considering buying webOS from HP. Some people think that this is because of Google buying Motorola, and while this may be true to ...
by LucianAugust 29, 20114
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