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Why I am put off by the Pixel 2 XL display, but you might not be

by Nirave Gondhia 3 days ago0 comments

What's keeping Xiaomi from the US?

by Adam Doud 5 days ago0 comments

The Galaxy Note 8 is a curious smartphone

by Nirave Gondhia 4 days ago0 comments

Google weighs in on Pixel 2 XL display, says it may add “more color options”

by Scott Adam Gordon 4 days ago0 comments
2 articles

10 Useful Free Android Apps

You’ve just acquired a Motorola Xoom or perhaps a Samsung Galaxy S II. The next step would be to decide which apps to install that will work well with your new device. To help you ...
by Edmund ApostolSeptember 23, 20117

Modder Makes Wii Games Playable on Android Tablet

Do you want to play your favorite Nintendo Wii games right on your Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet? Sounds impossible to mere mortals like me–but not to the likes of Obiwan222222, ...
by Alvin YbañezSeptember 20, 20111

Ice Cream Sandwich Preparedness 101: Android Team Spills Tips, Tricks for App Makers To Ready Wares for ICS

The latest post from Android development team lead tech writer Scott Main is brimming with tips and tricks on how Android app developers can set the stage for their apps to run on ...
by Elmer MontejoSeptember 20, 2011

Twin 250 GB Tablets from GIT Ready to Launch

You’re probably asking yourself “Who’s GIT?” That’s a fair reaction as this company is relatively new in the tablet computer market.  The full name is Graphic Imaging Technology ...
by Edmund ApostolSeptember 15, 20113

PowerDVD Mobile Lets You Stream On Your Local Network

Streaming media is a great way to use your tablet. Since it’s a portable device, a tablet can be carried around the home with ease, while leaving all of those media files in ...
by Aerol BibatSeptember 14, 20111

8 Things Android Tablets Need To Get More Users

It’s no secret that Android tablets need a lot of catching up to get ahead of the game. I’m going to expand on a few points from this article and talk about where slates ...
by glennSeptember 9, 201114

Medion 10-Inch Honeycomb Tablet Coming in December

A new Android Honeycomb tablet computer is coming out just in time to make it to your Christmas shopping list. The LifeTab, as it’s currently called, is going to be part of Medion’s ...
by Edmund ApostolSeptember 9, 2011

Gateway Ships Its A60 Tablet

Gateway is now in the tablet game and just started shipping its first Android tablet. Named the Gateway TP Series A60, observant buyers would be able to recognize that the tablet ...
by Aerol BibatSeptember 6, 2011

HTC Flyer Gets First Taste of Sweet Honeycomb, Courtesy of ROM Leak

HTC’s first attempt at an Android tablet, the HTC Flyer, came out with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and HTC Sense, but several developers have found a way to pour sweet honey on the HTC ...
by Dave FerilSeptember 6, 2011

First Photos of Super Thin Toshiba Excite Come Out of IFA 2011

If a picture paints a thousand words, then the first live pictures of Toshiba’s upcoming ultra-slim tablet paint two thousand. The ultra-slim tablet was showcased at Toshiba’s ...
by Alvin YbañezSeptember 1, 2011
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