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2 articles

Oracle denied another Java copyright trial with Google

A judge has denied Oracle a third trial with Google regarding the alleged use of copyrighted Java APIs and the Android mobile operating system.
by Robert TriggsOctober 20, 201620

Here’s what you can do so far with Android 7.1’s app shortcuts

Android 7.1 Developer Preview 1 is here, and one of the most interesting new features it brings is app shortcuts. Here's what you should know about it.
by Bogdan PetrovanOctober 20, 201646

Google Play Store metadata rules updated to improve customer satisfaction

Developers should keep in mind following these standards is to be taken seriously, and infringing on these regulations may cause their apps to be taken down.
by Edgar CervantesOctober 19, 20161

CBS reportedly joins Google’s upcoming internet TV service

CBS has reportedly signed a deal with Google so that its network will be part of the "Unplugged" Internet-based TV service.
by John CallahamOctober 19, 201622

Google shares hit new record thanks to all the great Pixel reviews

Google is getting serious about hardware and investors are actually thrilled about it.
by Bogdan PetrovanOctober 19, 201692

10 best Android tools and utility apps

At their core, smartphones are meant to be tools. Let us help you use yours like one with the best Android tools and utility apps currently available!
by Joe HindyOctober 18, 201690

Google Pixel XL initial review: first 48 hours

The latest Google device is here and so is our initial review. Here's what we think of the Google Pixel XL after using it for the first 48 hours.
by Joshua VergaraOctober 18, 20161

Google Pixel now has a 5-week waiting time or is out of stock

Google's Pixel phones are selling out fast and now both the 32GB black and silver versions have an estimated delivery time of November 23-25.
by Scott Adam GordonOctober 17, 2016115

Chrome Remote Desktop now streams audio between devices

Google's Chrome Remote Desktop tool can now stream audio between desktops system and Android devices.
by Scott Adam GordonOctober 17, 20169

Grumpy Cat – Ready, Set, NO is “the worst game you will ever play”

Grumpy Cat - Ready, Set, NO is said to be the "worst game you will ever play". Of course, that is part of the joke, as the game actually sounds pretty fun.
by Edgar CervantesOctober 16, 201612
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