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Great, now Google’s AI is coming up with its own encryption methods

Google Brain researchers have confirmed that AI neural networks have successfully created an encryption method even another AI cannot decrypt.
by Kris CarlonOctober 28, 201619

Google Pixel: full systemless root now achieved by Chainfire

Chainfire has now successfully achieved full systemless root of the Google Pixel, promising to release the necessary tools in a matter of days.
by Kris CarlonOctober 28, 201631

Google Pixel devices have trouble pairing with Bluetooth in cars

Owners of Google’s new Pixel devices are reporting problems with Bluetooth pairing in a number of vehicles but the issue may be tied to Android Nougat.
by Scott Adam GordonOctober 28, 201625

Alphabet earns $5.1 billion in profits for Q3 2016, ‘Other Bets’ keep losing money

Google's parent company, Alphabet, recorded $5.1 billion in net income for the third quarter of 2016. However, its "Other Bets" businesses keep losing money.
by John CallahamOctober 27, 201618

Google Pixel XL review: a Pixel’s perspective

Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones bring several smart features inside a generic body but should you look past the design to the goodies inside?
by Nirave GondhiaOctober 27, 2016292

Google Calendar version 5.6.2 finally introduces a ‘month’ widget

At long last, Google has finally introduced a month-view home screen widget in its latest update to the Google Calendar app.
by Scott Adam GordonOctober 27, 201613

T-Mobile CEO teases big Pixel-related announcement for today

John Legere hinted that T-Mobile could soon have an offer for would-be Google Pixel users.
by Jay DecenellaOctober 27, 201622

Are the Pixel and Pixel XL just overpriced Nexus phones? Or is there more to them?

In many ways the Pixel and Pixel XL seem more like a simple rebranding of the Nexus family, with a higher price tag. Is this a fair assessment? And if it’s not just a more expensive ...
by Andrew GrushOctober 26, 2016190

How much does the Google Pixel cost to make?

According to IHS Markit, the new Google Pixel XL's bill of materials costs almost the same as its high-end competitors, such as the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7.
by Robert TriggsOctober 26, 201633

Google working on update to minimize halo effect in the Pixel camera

Google is trying to fix the halo effect in the Pixel phone camera by developing some algorithms that could mathematically identify and remove the flare.
by Jay DecenellaOctober 26, 201639
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