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Huawei Mate 10 series specs: Better, faster, stronger

by Jimmy Westenberg 1 day ago0 comments
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Verizon and Google block Google Wallet use on Galaxy Nexus again

It's a problem that Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners have faced before. Google and Verizon have managed to shut down Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus once again, and this time they managed ...
by Joe HindySeptember 15, 20126

The major update to Google Wallet doubles its usage

Institutions such as Barclaycard US, Green Dot and Silicon Valley Bank have already implemented Google Wallet for their customers. It is expected for many others to follow suit. The ...
by Costea LestocSeptember 14, 20129

Google Wallet Discontinues Prepaid Cards, Refunds Coming Soon

Today, Google announced that they soon will be discontinuing their Prepaid Card program. Since the latest versions of Google Wallet enabled users to add any debit or credit ...
by Derek RossSeptember 10, 2012

ISIS coming in September to Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, HTC One X, Amaze 4G, Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Earlier today we heard that T-Mobile has made available an Ice Cream Sandwich build for its Galaxy S2 version that enables NFC/ISIS features on ...
by Chris SmithAugust 28, 20127

T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich update also brings NFC/ISIS support

While we keep talking about Google Wallet mobile payment features, that are available only on NFC-ready devices, the fact remains that Google is ...
by Chris SmithAugust 28, 20124

Google wants you to leave your wallet at home

Google wants to differentiate itself by going beyond payments, which is exactly why the search and mobile giant wants users to eventually leave their wallets at home. In the future, our ...
by J. Angelo RacomaAugust 28, 20124

Google Wallet cranks up the advertising machine

Paypal took the world by storm years ago and hasn't decreased its dominance ever since. A handful of players have entered the mobile payment game, but Google Wallet has been the only ...
by nathanAugust 22, 20121

Discover implements Google Wallet API

Discover now makes it very easy for its customers to add their card to Google Wallet and start spending all that hard earned money of theirs!
by Mike AndriciAugust 17, 2012

Google Wallet now works on Verizon Galaxy Nexus, lets you add any credit cards

Even though the Galaxy Nexus is meant to be a pure Google device, Verizon couldn’t help putting some extra touches, including preventing the ...
by Bams SadewoAugust 3, 20129

Google Wallet can now add any credit card or debit card

Google Wallet promised to replace physical wallets with a virtual wallet that can be accessed from your Android phone. However, the momentum has ...
by LucianAugust 1, 20122
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