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The OnePlus 5T is now available for purchase

by Brian Reigh 24 hours ago0 comments

Essential VP: “We’ve always thought of building something premium”

by Florence Ion 2 days ago0 comments
2 articles

What can we expect in Android 5.0?

There is so much good stuff in the Android universe. We have amazing phones, tons of apps and games, and the best operating system around. Even with all that awesome at our fingertips, ...
by Nate SwannerJanuary 5, 201340

Android holiday wallpapers available from Google

If you like Android and being festive, then this story is for you. Via its Nexus Google+ page, Google released this year's holiday wallpapers.
by Nate SwannerDecember 23, 2012

Google+ gets new features, updated Android app

Google announced today that not only is it adding new features to Google+, but that both its Android and iOS Google+ apps would be seeing updates. And yes, that means that the Google+ ...
by Kristofer WoukDecember 14, 20123

AA Community housewarming giveaway – win a Nexus 4 by joining our G+ Community!

A few hundred of you have already joined us, but we want all our readers to know about the Android Authority G+ Community. So we’re giving away the most wanted phone of the season, the ...
by Bogdan PetrovanDecember 7, 2012169

Google announces stats for its Plus social network

Google launched its Plus social network in mid 2011. The launch was surrounded with a lot of hype and excitement partly due to the fact that the social site of one of the world's ...
by Varun RajDecember 6, 20129

Google Plus rolls out Communities, a place for every tribe

Google Plus Communities will allow users to associate in groups and create virtual homes for the things that bring them together. There are several type of communities that you can ...
by Bogdan PetrovanDecember 6, 20127

Google+ requirement for posting reviews on Google Play now in effect

After a recent APK teardown of the latest Google Play app reveals that future reviews on Google's storefront require folks to use their Google+ account, it looks like the feature is ...
by Bams SadewoNovember 27, 201223

Android users can now install apps directly from the Google+ stream

While Google+ had been playing nicely with Google Play in the past, Android users have recently been given a bit of added functionality. The addition will make it easier to share and ...
by Robert NelsonNovember 14, 2012

Google+ gets new reporting features, lets users report offensive stuff more easily

The increasing popularity of Google’s social network means that the Google+ house is more crowded than ever. To maintain order in the playground and to keep the community “safe and ...
by Bams SadewoNovember 7, 2012

Google Drive now shares seamlessly to Google+

Until now, Google Drive and Google+ have both been services that make sharing easy, but in very different and separate ways. Now the two services have become more closely linked, with ...
by Kristofer WoukNovember 1, 2012
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