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Nexus 4 shipping again to some lucky Canadians according to Google notifications

While Google has sold out a second Nexus 4 batch in various markets where the handset can be ordered via the Play Store, not all the buyers in this second purchase round were lucky ...
by Chris SmithDecember 14, 201226

Google Engineer can’t comment about the disappearing Nexus 4 factory images

Jean-Baptiste Quéru, one of the guys responsible for maintaing the Android Open Source Project (ASOP), was recently asked why Google pulled down the factory images for the Nexus 4. This ...
by ŠtefanDecember 14, 20127

Nexus 4 in stock at Three UK for £29 with mandatory £35 per month two-year contract

The Nexus 4 is one of the best-sold Android handsets of the year, with Google and LG not being able to keep up with demand. In case you live in the UK and desperately want one of these ...
by Chris SmithDecember 13, 20124

Nexus 4 factory images and binaries wiped out from Google servers, no explanation issued yet

As if the whole supply and demand snafu wasn’t enough to drive people away from the Nexus 4, Google has again been caught with its pants down. With no warning, reason or explanation, ...
by AdrianDecember 12, 20123

LG Nexus 4 bumper case back in stock via Play Store

When the Nexus 4 bumper case first arrived to Google's virtual store shelves, it managed to disappear from Google Play just as quickly as the Nexus 4 itself. Luckily, the official LG ...
by Andrew GrushDecember 11, 201214

Nexus 4 LTE on AT&T available, but only on Band 4 (1700MHz)

Google’s Nexus 4, also known as the Optimus G’s younger LTE-less brother does pack LTE support under the hood, or at least some of the required components, although don’t expect Google ...
by Chris SmithDecember 10, 20123

Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs LG Nexus 4! [video]

The Google Nexus 4 by LG is one of the top phones on the market right now - but how much does it improve upon its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? See this comparison of these ...
by Joshua VergaraDecember 10, 20129

Nexus 4 online manual now says it doesn’t support USB OTG

Nexus 4 owners -- we hate to say it, but it's looking increasingly likely that you won’t be able to use any USB OTG devices on your brand new super smartphone. Google has edited out ...
by Bams SadewoDecember 10, 201222

AA Community housewarming giveaway – win a Nexus 4 by joining our G+ Community!

A few hundred of you have already joined us, but we want all our readers to know about the Android Authority G+ Community. So we’re giving away the most wanted phone of the season, the ...
by Bogdan PetrovanDecember 7, 2012169

Android: Now and then (Dec 2011 to Dec 2012)

It's been a good year for Android. Join us as we cast an eye back to December 2011 and reminisce about how far Android has come in the last 12 months. From ICS to Jelly Bean, from ...
by Simon HillDecember 7, 201215
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