Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola Razr: An easy choice

David Imel 24 hours ago 183 shares

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review: An affordable flagship done right

Dhruv Bhutani 3 hours ago 577 shares

24 hours with the Galaxy Z Flip: Surprised by how much I like it

Eric Zeman February 15, 2020 1208 shares

Samsung Galaxy S20 hands-on: Out-featuring the competition

Eric Zeman February 11, 2020 780 shares
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What will smartphones of the future look like? Here are 6 (crazy) predictions

These features may seem like science fiction now, but they could become a reality somewhere down the line. Fingers crossed!
Mitja RutnikJune 13, 20193636 shares

Skintrack turns your arm into an extended smartwatch touchscreen

A research team at Carnegie Mellon University has unveiled its Skintrack technology, which turns your arm into a larger touchscreen for smartwatches.
Robert TriggsMay 6, 2016943 shares

US engineers unveil Passive Wi-Fi, which consumes 10,000 times less power

Researchers from the University of Washington have detailed their Passive Wi-Fi technology, which uses 10,000 less times power than conventional Wi-Fi technologies.
Robert TriggsFebruary 25, 20162100 shares

UCLA Engineering makes public powerful image detection algorithm

An Engineering research group at UCLA have created an algorithm that helps computers “see” information in images that human eyes are unable to detect.
John DyeFebruary 12, 2016324 shares

Hybrid Polymer breakthrough could lead to self-repairing materials

Northwestern University researchers have developed a new Hybrid Polymer that might one day be used in life-like materials, such as muscles, that can self-assemble and repair.
Robert TriggsFebruary 2, 2016972 shares

The Age of Graphene and how it will transform our mobile experiences

What exactly is graphene? Let's dive in!
Erdem PulcuJanuary 29, 2016775 shares

Elliptic Labs to bring ultrasound proximity gestures to smartphones

Elliptic Labs’ newly announced BEAUTY ultrasound proximity software could make the infra-red sensors found in today’s smartphones obsolete.
Robert TriggsJanuary 19, 2016406 shares

WiFi standards explained: what you should know about the new 802.11 ad, ah & af standards

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n or ac, and the new ad, ah, and af standards, then check out our guide to wireless networking.
Robert TriggsJanuary 8, 20162204 shares

New WiFi HaLow standard offers double the range, lower power consumption

The Internet of Things requires low power consumption and long range, and HaLow delivers both.
Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 4, 2016870 shares

What Sci-Fi tech are you most looking forward to seeing in the years to come?

For this week's Friday Debate, we discuss what “sci-fi” technology we’re most excited to see evolve and how it might be applied to Android, and/or mobile devices, in the future.
Andrew GrushMarch 27, 2015928 shares
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