HTC U12 Plus hands-on: Literally more sensitive than ever

by Joshua Vergara 2 days ago0 comments

Essential reportedly cancels next smartphone, company may be up for sale (Updated: More details)

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Nokia 8 Sirocco review: A premium indulgence

by Abhishek Baxi 1 day ago1 comments

OnePlus 6 review: the new Nexus

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The OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock feature will make its way to the OnePlus 5

Even though we don't know when Face Unlock will head to the OnePlus 5, Pei confirmed that the feature will make it to the slightly older phone.
by Williams PelegrinDecember 25, 2017

Upcoming Android Oreo update might bring Face Unlock to the OnePlus 5

According to screenshots of the latest Android Oreo beta, it appears as if the OnePlus 5T's Face Unlock will make its way to the OnePlus 5.
by Williams PelegrinNovember 24, 2017

Apple seeking face unlock patent yet again

It looks like things are about to get interesting. Despite Google being awarded a patent earlier this month for face-to-unlock features, Apple appears to be applying to patent almost ...
by Kristofer WoukSeptember 24, 2012

Japanese scientists develop advanced palm recognition algorithm

Futuristic as it sounds, the system is able to tell if it's your hand or not just by studying your palm veins and patterns. Such a technology was available in the past, but it has ...
by Mike AndriciSeptember 3, 2012

Android Jelly Bean Face Unlock ‘liveness’ check easily hacked with photo editing

Google improves Face Unlock on Jelly Bean by requiring users to blink, but even this can easily be spoofed through image editing. When Android Ice Cream Sandwich was ...
by J. Angelo RacomaAugust 4, 2012

Face Unlock on Jelly Bean now checks if you’re a photo, asks you to blink

A year ago, Google introduced the Face Unlock feature on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is a novel and convenient way – when it works, anyway — to quickly unlock ...
by Bams SadewoJuly 1, 2012

HTC gets Face Unlock patent, could stir up an internal Android legal war

We’ve been hearing about patents, patent wars, copyright infringement, and so on for a while now, yet today is probably the first time we will be talking about a potential ...
by AdrianApril 5, 2012

Apple Applies for “Face Unlock” Patent, Sound Familiar? (Updated)

Okay let me start off by saying all these patents that everyone is applying for is getting a bit ridiculous. Apple has applied to the USPTO for another technology patent, ...
by AlexanderDecember 29, 2011

Galaxy Nexus Finally Lands at Verizon [Only $149.99!]

It has been a long time since the Galaxy Nexus was announced. And frankly, most of us have gotten tired of waiting. Therefore, Verizon, Google, and Samsung finally decided to ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 17, 2011

Galaxy Nexus Face Unlock Works with Real Face AND Photo

Those of you who are thinking that the Face Unlock feature in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich–and first featured in the Galaxy Nexus–is a security feature may be ...
by JoseNovember 14, 2011
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